10 Tips To Attract Customers Towards Your Business

Any business needs a good customer base!! Therefore, entrepreneurs are constantly trying different types of advertising and marketing gimmicks in order to attract new customers.

But in a highly competitive environment, the known methods may not be enough.  Customer attraction is understood as a set of measures to increase the number of customers.

Without exception, every business owner in the small and medium segment has experienced the importance of constant demand for the products of their business.

After all, the number of customers directly affects the profitability of the Salon business. Therefore, for business development, it is vital to develop and expand the ways of attracting new customers in every possible way.

Customers are profit, and profit is an opportunity to develop your business, expand it, and increase turnover. There are many tips on what to do and what not to do to increase Salon customers retention rate, gain their trust, and make them repeat customers.

It is hard to single out a universal tip (other than “be honest”), but it is assumed that among the 10 tips below, you will definitely find a few that will come in handy.

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10 most helpful and influential ways of attracting customers

10 most helpful and influential ways of attracting customers

Word of mouth advertising still works

Word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing and advertising used by businesses and is the most effective.  While it may be slower than online advertising, it still works very well.

As people become increasingly suspicious of paid advertising head-on, the word of mouth remains one of the most trusted methods in the world today. If you are recommended to friends, then the probability of buying from you is almost 100%.

In the case of paid advertising, for example, on Instagram. When a customer is happy and satisfied with a product or service, there is a natural tendency for a person to share this experience with those around them – with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and sometimes with strangers.

A satisfied customer is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools a small business has ever had. It affects 1 customer life cycle.

Why attract new ones if an old client is dissatisfied?

To make even more dissatisfied customers? Satisfied customers become evangelists for your business. It’s amazing how many satisfied customers will go to great lengths to convince everyone that your product is awesome.

Word of mouth is so effective and powerful that many successful companies rely solely on this method to advertise and market their products and services.

  • The first and most important step is selling a product or service that really works and has value for everyone who uses it. If a product or service delivers on its promise and does more than it promises, giving results and solving a problem, that’s sales success!
  • Maximum people purchase products or services to resolve a problem or meet a need. Nothing will make a customer happier and more satisfied than getting a product that solves a very difficult problem.
  • In most cases, it doesn’t matter how fierce your competition is. You can develop a thriving business with great customer service.

    People like to buy goods and services from companies that respect them. People love to be treated well and then, always come back to enjoy this wonderful experience again.

    And when employees are rude and behave passively, the client has no emotions either. Don’t forget that customers are spending their hard-earned money on your products.

    Don’t you think they deserve a big “Thank you” with a big smile on their face? People are unlikely to forget about it and will gladly tell others about it.

  • Give your customers a reason to advertise and market you. Sometimes word of mouth doesn’t happen automatically; you have to encourage, motivate, or encourage your customers to do it for you.
  • Launch a referral or incentive program for existing customers. The more people contact, the more free products, services, and discounts they will receive. The reward should be large enough to excite their interest and make them act. It is a win-win method that always works.

The word “Free” works like magic

Everyone loves free stuff. Providing products and services for free does 3 positive and exciting things for small businesses:

  • First, it allows people to quickly know that you exist.
  • Second, it gives you the ability to quickly prove the value of your product or service and show that it really works.
  • Third, it provides your prospective customers with a risk-free way to try out your products or services without spending money. And if customers find value in your products or services, they will be willing to pay money for it.

Let’s say you want to open a hairdresser in your area and you are looking for an easy, cheap, and effective way to advertise and drive traffic – customers to the salon. You decide to put up a sign in front of the hairdresser with the inscription: “Free haircuts. But for a few people, it’ll work like a just symbol and will not pay attention towards it.

Anyone who comes to you for a free haircut and loves the service will happily return next time to pay for it, and will most likely tell their friends, colleagues, and neighbors about the “cool” new hair salon. Most people have a soft spot for the word “free.” In their opinion, this is another opportunity to use something without spending money.

Customers love “free” because they have nothing to lose; they just enjoy the service or the product without any risk. By bringing them into your business, you give them the opportunity to see and experience something that would be completely hidden from them if they did not try.

However, you should remove this free test drive option because free stuff can’t last forever, or you just won’t make money. From the very beginning, determine the number of people who will like the free product, or how many days the promotion will last. Not everyone should get a free opportunity; it is an element of scarcity that makes it very attractive.

Offer discounts

Just like freebies, discounts and offers work well too. This is another creative and inexpensive way to attract more customers to your business. People often see discounts and offer a huge opportunity to save money and enjoy a product much cheaper.

In fact, discounts and deals usually cause shoppers to buy more products or services than originally planned. They love to “take advantage of this opportunity” because tomorrow the same products may not be as cheap.  Offering deals and discounts are also a powerful way to advertise your brand.


Everyone loves to win. It’s not just about winning, but how lucky you are to have beaten others. Call it ego or whatever you like, but it works. Let’s say you are in the wedding business selling wedding dresses, bridal accessories, and other items to young people who are planning a wedding.

Let’s also say that you run an interesting contest and give away a designer wedding dress or sponsored honeymoon trip to a local resort as a prize. To participate in this competition, all couples will have to submit a romantic poem about how they met.

Can you imagine the noise this can create for businesses? To spread the word about the competition, you can use word of mouth and social networks such as Instagram.

Potential couples will start talking about the competition and create a buzz. While many of them will not win the grand prize, they will still be interested in learning more about your products and services.

Make sure you can afford to win the prize you plan to give. Make a reasonable budget and stick to it. It doesn’t make sense if the money you make from selling your products during the competition can’t cover the cost of running it.

You still don’t have a website?

Business needs a website, and at least a landing page is a one-page website. As a result of the huge influence of the Internet on the world, businesses are forced to go online.

Nowadays, most people use the Internet when they want to find a product or service. With the proliferation of mobile phones, it is more efficient to search for information in Google and other search engines.

A website is not a luxury that only large companies enjoy. The Internet has now allowed anyone to use the website for commercial purposes. You can make a website for free and there are website builders. With a Google email account, you can create your presence on Google maps and even get traffic without a website.

Suppose you are a salon owner and want to run a business online. Then you need a website for your salon business. There are many benefits of a business website like, you can book appointments online, advertise your business through ads and more.

More importantly, you must include your contact information (physical address, telephone, and email address). The website is your own billboard. Introduce your small business online. It often costs little and brings a lot of benefits and customers.

Add yourself to the list of popular local directories

You can add your company for free to local directories – aggregators of services and goods. When a small business is listed in a local directory, people around the world can find it on a map and view its contact information. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to become a member of these directories.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is changing the way we do business in today’s world. Popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are some of the best places for your potential customers to live and it only makes sense that you register your business there as well.

Online advertising

Nowadays, more and more people watch YouTube than TV. Many are reading news websites and online magazines instead of paper ones. Even large companies have recognized this shift and are now investing more in online advertising than traditional ones.

Since people are now spending more time on the Internet, it makes sense to reach them through online advertising. There are various forms of online advertising, but one of the most popular is contextual advertising.

Google Adwords

Google is by far the largest search engine on the Internet, and millions of people around the world depend on them every day for information.

With a small daily budget of $ 10-20 per day, a small business can attract thousands of potential customers to buy goods and services. However, it is important that you know that online advertising will work best for businesses if you have a website.

Print and distribute flyers

Flyers remain a simple yet highly effective way to advertise your business. They usually work best for those targeting customers in a specific area (for example, university campuses, housing estates, offices, and industrial areas).

You don’t need to invest in very expensive flyers to try this advertising method. If you’re on a budget, it’s best to focus more on the message you want to get across, rather than images, graphics, or colors. In fact, you can create a simple flyer using any of the free PowerPoint templates on your computer.

Placing flyers on parked cars and house front doors usually work well. You can also meet interested people who want to know more about the product and ask questions. It would be cool to apply word of mouth to the flyer mix.

Get Involved in Volunteer Work

Volunteering is an often overlooked opportunity to get free advertising. Take part in volunteer work, a church, or an animal shelter. Sponsor an event or offer services for free.

For some reason, customers love to support a business that somehow returns something to society. In most cases, all that is required can be your time, effort, and support – not just money. If you plan to use this advertising method, make sure that all donations, sponsorships, and support are on behalf of your business.

Concluding Remarks

While some methods may not work for every business, you have nothing to lose by trying them to see which ones work best for you. The best marketing and advertising strategy are to combine several of these methods to increase the number of customers you can attract to your business.

More customers mean more sales. More sales mean more profit. And profit is always good news for any business!

We hope you liked this article. You have any questions? Comment below.

Thanks for reading!!


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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