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10 Tips to Help You Survive Baby Teething

Baby teething is a phase that needs to be dealt with acute awareness.  Until the time your little one was devoid of teeth, you would not have faced many difficulties in managing their eating habits but in this phase, it is now time to take several types of measures!


Your little one has started developing teeth with which they were not used to. The baby teething phase is tough for your toddler, as teething can pose discomfort, irritation, and teething fever as signs of teething. Sudden bite in the gums or lips can be painful for your toddler and for you seeing them suffer.

Nevertheless, you should also be careful about what your toddler is unwarily chewing during this new phase.  Teething is uncomfortable but there are ways that can provide your baby with unprecedented relief.

1. Teething Rings

This is a very basic solution for parents who are worried about their baby’s teething phase. As these rings give your toddler something to always chew without any harm, parents will too, not have to worry about what their toddler is chewing. In addition, the continuous chewing of teething rings provides massage to the gums of the baby.

Teething Toy
Teething Toy

2. Gum Massage

Wash your hands and massage your baby’s gums. Massaging will prevent swollen gums and the tooth breaking from the gums will not be a painful process for your little one. Gum massage, exerts pressure on the gums, inducing relaxation, and relief to your kid.

3. Keep your Baby Engaged 

One of the best ways to make your kid avoid teething pain is by keeping them engaged. Play with your toddler and try to shift their focus from teeth pain to activities, which they enjoy doing a lot.

4. Toothpastes 

Baby toothpaste or tooth gel can also be an option to reduce the pain of the baby teeth. However, it is recommended to use one only on your doctor’s advice. If you are using one, then make sure that it is designed only for the kids.

5. Fruits and Vegetables 

The earliest signs of when babies start teething are when you notice them chewing their food. One of the best ways to make healthy use of this situation is giving your toddler boiled vegetables like carrots, sweet potato etc. and some slices of fruits. These will soothe their teething gums as well as provide them with many vitamins.

6. Keep Wiping your Baby’s Face

The continuous watering that comes out of your toddler’s face as a teething symptom can make your baby’s skin irritated and uncomfortable. Hence, you should frequently wipe your face. This will also prevent teething rashes from your kid’s face.

7. Ice Lollipops of Breast Milk

This may sound a little weird, but will definitely work effectively. Take some breast milk in an ice-lolly tray and let it freeze completely. Give the lollies to your toddler and let them chew it. The coldness of the lollies will provide relief to the teething gums of your little one. 

8. Toddler Toothbrushes

You can also try this solution without any risk. Provide your little one with a toddler toothbrush and let them chew it. The bristles of the brush will soothe the itchy teething gums including giving a good jaw exercise to your toddler.

Mom and her baby brushing teeth
Mom and her baby brushing teeth

9. Refrigerate a Cloth 

Take a facecloth and dip it in water or breast milk. Let the cloth freeze for some time and then give it to your toddler. The cloth texture will massage your kid’s teething gums including cooling down the gums and providing it a numb relief. This hack will keep your little one aloof from feeling any pain in the gums.

10. Medical Help 

At nights, it can become difficult for your toddler to sleep due to the teething pain. So apart from all the home remedies, you can take medical help by consulting your doctor. Mostly you can choose medicines like paracetamol and ibuprofen to provide relief to your toddler’s pain.

Babies that have recently started developing teething are to be provided with a lot of love and care. In this phase, your little one can become irritated, will tend to chew anything, and will face difficulty in sleeping. In times like these as a parent, it is your responsibility to take steps very thoughtfully.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.
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