4 Factors That Help In Repairing Online Reputation Of A Brand

Are you worried about the damaged online reputation of your brand? Marketers moving online often struggle in building their reputation online. In one of our recent surveys, they even stated that it is easier to gain a reputation conventionally than to build the same image digitally. 

Well, we agree with this. Going digital is easy. But growing digital needs a lot of effort and patience. May be online reputation repair experts can help you in this to a great extent.

In this article, we are more concerned about our marketers who are struggling with their damaged reputation online. We will talk about the factors that pamper this and help the businesses to set up their incredible brand image. 

Here we go!

5 Factors that help in repairing online reputation

  1. Reviews, reviews, reviews: On a keynote, reviews have a strong impression on a brand and so have a direct connection in building a brand reputation online.

    In today’s date, 85% of customers looking for products or services trust the online reviews and make their decisions accordingly. They scroll down the reviews available on review generating sites to know what people have said about the brand and its products. If they find good reviews, they visit the website for more details. Or else they simply look for any other alternatives to serve their needs.

    Therefore, it can be concluded that these customer reviews have the power to make or break the brand image.
    Have you ever asked your customers to give reviews on their purchases? If not, send them a feedback mail and ask them to review your brand. Customers even share their experience on Yelp, Google, and social media, making the brand visible on the digital platforms.

    So, if you seriously want to repair your online reputation, your primary step would be to prepare positive reviews and remove the negative ones that bring a bad impression.

  2. Active on social media: How active are you on social media? To improve the customer experience and to ensure building online presence, staying active on social media is very much essential.

    What you need is different social media accounts on your brand where you advertise your products and promote your brand using powerful content. Social media activities play a dominant role in creating an online reputation for a brand. Starting from profile creation to sharing content and responding to comments prove your digital presence.

    Social media helps a brand to build strong connections and enhance business outreach. It even creates a strong customer-business relationship, provided that the brand leaves no stone unturned to interact with the audience and its potential buyers.
    If you are observing a crack in your reputation, monitor your social media profiles, and check out the comment section. Make sure you respond to every query raised by the customers so that they feel good about your brand.

  3. Search engine optimization: How can you forget about search engine optimization when you are thinking about repairing your online reputation? A damaged reputation indicates that there is a huge crack in the search engine rankings.

    A web page with lower rankings can never have a great reputation. Simply a business web page with higher rankings take no time to build a strong reputation online. Therefore, the next factor that helps in repairing online reputation is the SEO factors.

    SEO factors include headlines, heading tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, keyword-based content, internal links, and web page loading speed. Optimize these factors based on advanced marketing strategies and repair your brand reputation.

  4. Positive content: Pairing your social media posts, website content, blogs, and other creative content with positive vibes are very important. Whether you talk about search engine rankings or your online reputation, if you lack in developing positive engaging content for your brand, you are in a great loss.

    Positive content talks about positive things about the brand. This generates positive results and adds more credibility to your brand and reputation. Don’t forget to keep a watch on your content, if you seriously want to repair your brand image. A single negative content displayed on the web can ruin your brand impression a lot. 

More to know

Customers usually rely on the brand and make their purchases from the outlets that have a good reputation online. They go through the reviews, read out the feedback, watch out the star-ratings, and finally make their decision. 

Therefore, to make the customer repeat his purchase and to draw more and more conversions, a good brand image with a powerful reputation is mandatory. 

Team with the professionals who offer web reputation management services and monitor your reputation.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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