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5 Hacks That Can Make You an Experienced Traveller

If you are someone who likes to travel and roam around the world, then there are certain hacks that you must know. No matter whether you are travelling to the mountains or beaches, these hacks will help you to make your journey easy and worthwhile.

Here are the 5 travel hacks that can make you an experienced traveller

Download maps and important apps

There are some people out there who crave for the ‘good old days’, where travel was a complete escape from the modern world. If you are not travelling to escape from modern life and technology, make sure to use the complete use of technology. Grab every opportunity it provides you.

Travelling Apps and maps can make your journey very comfortable. These apps can help you to find new destinations and spots.  Google maps can be very helpful on roads, especially when you are travelling solo. You can even use google maps in offline mode.

Treasure your experience more than things

Why do people travel and spend a lot of money on travelling? Because travelling feeds your soul and it provides you with a blissful experience which you can not find in materialistic things. Travel is all about experiencing whole new things. These moments will stay with you for a lifetime. So, it’s very important to treasure your experience and positively nurture it.

Try streetfoods and homestays

The street foods can give you the authentic taste of local cuisines and also save your money. It can be great fun to enjoy street food and you can enjoy a lot of varieties without breaking your bank.

Also, you can always ditch the expensive hotels and resorts and bool affordable homestays. Homestay option can be a whole new experience and it can give you the different insights of the place.

Plan an off-season trip

It can be a great advantage to book an off-season trip because it can give you different insights into the place. Firstly there won’t be a huge crowd at popular tourist places in the region. Secondly, you will get enough time to explore all the places around. And also the Hotel bookings will easy and time-saving. So, try and see how it goes when you plan an off-season trip.

Travel light

Don’t make this mistake that most of the travellers do. Don’t stuff your bags and luggage with unnecessary stuff. Keep your luggage light and only pack the essential stuff. You can wear heavy clothes like jackets, hoodies and winter coats when boarding on a flight and this way you don’t need to carry them. Also, try to avoid carrying extra gym wear and unnecessary clothes. The lighter you’ll keep your lugga5, the easier it’ll become for you to travel around. So pack smartly and also make a checklist before packing your stuff.

Final words:

With these simple tips, you can make your travel experience easy and amazing. So, don’t wait and try these hacks on your upcoming trip to be an experienced traveller.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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