6 Important Safety Tips For Moving

Other than being stressful and expensive, a move can be quite dangerous. Most of the homeowners get carried away by the stress that is associated with the move. There are so many things to take care of that it is normal to forget about little details that make a move dangerous.

The risks have increased during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it is best to delay moves till things get normal but some moves cannot be postponed.

If you are managing the move on your own, don’t forget about your personal safety. You can always hire affordable movers in Winston-Salem NC for help. Let us look at the important tips for a safe move.

1. Avoid Overloading Your Moving Boxes

A majority of homeowners do the mistakes of overloading their moving boxes. Just because a lot of stuff fits into the box does not mean that it should be packed inside it.

Each packing box has a maximum weight-bearing capacity. Most of the times it is mentioned on the box. Don’t exceed the provided limit or else you can hurt yourself and the items contained in the box.

2. Cover Sharp Knives Carefully

All of your gardening supplies, sharp knives, and cutting objects need to be properly wrapped. Be very careful during the packing and unpacking because you don’t want to injure yourself.

Oven mittens work well to protect the knives and forks. Larger items can be rolled in towels for protection. Use rubber bands to secure the towels.

3. Stick To Lifting Protocols

The last thing you would want during a move is to get a back sprain. It is extremely painful as well as hinders the movement that you cannot afford during busy days. If you don’t follow the lifting protocols you can severely injure your back pain.

When you have to lift heavy objects bend your knees and sit down rather than bending your back only. It minimizes the stress on your backbone. While you are lifting the heavy boxes, keep them closer to your body for easy movement.

You can also use supportive straps for lifting weights during a move. It is recommended never to lift heavy objects all on your own. Get some help from friends, family members, or moving professionals.

Affordable Moving Company in Winston-Salem NC
Affordable Moving Company in Winston-Salem NC

4. Use Moving Dollies

Rental moving dollies are easily available in almost every area. If you are not hiring moving professionals it is essential to hire moving dollies to translocate heavy items.

5. Wear Proper Personal Safety Equipment

Don’t forget to wear masks, hands gloves, and shoes cover during work. Keep washing your hands with soap and water after some time. As you will be wearing protective equipment, keeping your pathways clear becomes essential. Keep the pets and kids away from the workplace.

6. Maintain Social Distancing

When you hire an Affordable Moving Company in Winston-Salem NC, ask about their virus mitigation strategy. Maintain social distancing during your move. It is important to prevent transmission of the deadly coronavirus.


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