6 Ways How WordPress Has Made PHP More Popular

WordPress is a platform built by PHP, a popular open source scripting language. That said, it cannot be denied that having been developed with PHP, WordPress has ended up making its parent grow and become popular. At the present day, many website developers make use of PHP for their WordPress customization tasks.

But, the question is, how WordPress contributed so much towards the language that created it? Let’s go ahead and discuss in this article.

  1. WordPress is a Widely Recognized PHP Framework 

It is a matter of fact that not a lot of people know WordPress is actually a PHP framework. A number of people just believe that WordPress is a tailored CMS used to manage websites and blogs, which is hardly driven by PHP.

However, the real fact is that WordPress is a robust PHP framework that has become the most recognized and used framework amongst the rest of them. That said, what is more surprising is that WordPress has gained much more popularity than the PHP frameworks of Zend, CakePHP, and Symfony.

  1. WordPress Stands Out Among other PHP Applications

Even if the SEO rankings tell a different statistic at times, it cannot really be denied that WordPress is the most widely used PHP application even today. The search engines modify their algorithms very frequently. In such a scenario, it is important that we consider Google Trends, since these are more stable and reliable.

In accordance with Google Trends, WordPress is more popular as an application platform in comparison to Drupal, Magento, and Joomla.

  1. WordPress is Independent of Other PHP Frameworks

Even if WordPress allows specific third party elements, they are never full stack. In fact, WordPress doesn’t require full stack frameworks. Building a blog or a website using WordPress without third party frameworks would not have any significant effect because of the top-notch platform offered by WordPress.

  1. WordPress Promotes PHP Development

Due to the evolvement of WordPress, a number of ammatuer developers have started working with PHP. In most cases, these developers start by owning a WordPress blog and as the need comes up, they go on learning PHP programming through various online tutorials and guides. According to a survey, many of the developers started learning PHP as they had to carry out some WordPress customization tasks. This clearly shows that WordPress has actually triggered the expansion of the PHP developer’s community.

  1. Users Don’t Prefer Components, but the Applications

In order to understand this point in a better way, let us consider Magento development. Magento is basically driven by the Zend framework. However, it has proven to be more popular in comparison to the framework itself. The point that needs to be focussed on here is, the component or the development tool behind an application hardly makes for any utility when it comes to the end users. The application rather than the framework or component works to solve the concerns and needs of the users and hence they become more popular among the consumers.

It is a matter of fact that WordPress serves multiple purposes. The application serves as a robust blogging platform and helps you boost SEO easily. Furthermore, it helps website owners in administering both websites and blogs under the same environment. All these aspects are obvious to increase the popularity of WordPress in comparison to PHP.

  1. WordPress Comes with its Seamlessly Scalable Plugins

An important component that takes much of the credit for the popularity of WordPress is its amazing scalability, because of its plugin architecture. By making use of the array of already available plugins, any WordPress user can enhance the utility and scope of his/her website anytime.

Furthermore, downloading and installing the WordPress plugins is more self explanatory and easier in comparison to the other PHP framework applications.

The Final Words

This can be concluded by saying that there is not any competition between WordPress and PHP. Both the technologies have been developed for making web development easier and none can exist independently. People usually begin with WordPress for their website and eventually migrate towards more complex PHP development.

If you want to have your website online, WordPress can be a very good solution. However, if you need a customized site with tailored specifications, functionalities, and features, hire WordPress developers for the required PHP services.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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