8 Best Hair Colour Trends Winter 2020

Winter is coming, and so are the festive seasons. We are bringing you eight hair colour trends in winter 2020, which would add on to your awesome personality. Since we are still isolating ourselves but our picture with trending hair colour does not need to. Make sure to book your appointment with your favourite salon as everything is opening but don’t forget to be careful. Ladies the confusion is over if you should be getting darker tones or bold colours for your hair. We bring you the eight best hair colour trends for winter 2020 ideas that would have you winning. Without further adieu, we present our post with the trendiest hair colour for winter 2020.

  1. Mulled Wine colour: We love wine, don’t we ladies? Wine is an all-season favourite, but for winter, mulled wine is a must. It not only brings warmth in the cold weather but also adds warmth to your hair. Make sure to go a few shades darker in red like a crimson red. If you haven’t colour your hair red yet and are skeptical about it, then it is the trendiest colour to start with. It looks best on all Direction hair Products and skin colour.
  2. Dark Espresso: Yes, ladies, another drink that we love to have to cure a hangover. Love the dark espresso as it just wakes you up. The dark espresso colour does the same to the hair. It gives that warm look that we need this winter and makes your whole face look so awake. Make sure we are asking for darker tones while going for this hair colour trend. It goes with any look – evening date or late night dinner look.
  3. Dark root and light root ends: This hair colour trend gives such an amazing look. You can actually go crazy with a different colour combination like dark black for roots and blonde for the ends or green roots and black ends. You are an artist, and this trend will make you look like an art. This is one of the 8 Best hair colour trends winter 2020 to make your look Bold and different.
  4. Dusty Lavender: Lavender colour is trending everywhere, and we can’t seem to get enough of it. The dark, dusty silver lavender colour is a bolder statement look that would give a glamorous look this festive season. This is one of the 8 Best hair colour trends winter 2020, that you must adorn to break the norms. If you have long thick wavy hair or curls, this hair colour would be best suitable for you. This colour is hard to maintain but worth the hassle.
  5. Caramel Highlights: We all love our highlights. If not global hair colour, we all have done highlights. This winter the highlights with warm darker tones are making a comeback, and we are going crazy. If we want to play safe and want the look that would not go wrong, unlike the year 2020, then this hair colour trend is for you.
  6. Strawberry blonde: Most have coloured the hair blonde. Strawberry blonde never goes out of trend. This winter we are jazzing up the blonde and adding red to it. It would turn heads and would give you a warm tone. Let people guess if it’s blonde? Red? No, it’s strawberry blonde. Something new we need to try and let the people guess (wink). Ask your stylist to just add reds to the blonde and voila you have winter’s trendiest hair colour.
  7. Two-toned Hair colour: We get confused between hair colours, well this trend would definitely solve it. It makes things easier for us as we can decide two hair colours and get the trending look. You can choose black and dark purple or chocolate brown and pastel pink. The hair is our canvas, paint the colour you want. My personal favourite out of the 8 Best hair colour trends winters 2020 is black and electric blue.
  8. Holographic Hair colour: This trend is amazing and bold. While everyone wants to go warm tones, you can get some bright and holographic hair colour. You can colour your hair in blonde and pastel pink colour in holographic style. It would surely make the heads turn. You can go for this hair colour trend if you want to stand out. It just gives a majestic look and adds the X factor to the hair. Try to search for this type of hairstyle image; you would fall in love with it.

These are the 8 Best hair colour trends winter 2020 that you can embrace to make a bold statement with your personality. We can go crazy about the style and colour but do not forget to take good care of it. Follow the advice of your hairstylist and make sure you are using the Shampoo that will help keep your dyed hair longer and get the love it needs.

Enjoy and dare now to try the unknown. These trends would never go wrong ladies.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.
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