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Can a Casino turn You into a Gambler?

Did you know that casinos have been operational since the first half of the 17th century? Yes, they have that long a history.

The first-ever casino opened its doors to the public in the year 1638. Casino de Venezia’s doors are still open for the audience in Venice.

Casinos were meant to provide recreation to the visitor, a break from his monotonous life and its worries.

That is why; casinos are usually built around hotels and restaurants. Many casinos also provide other entertainment facilities, like live music.

The experience of a casino is unlike any other recreational activity. It is much more thrilling. The adrenaline rush you get when you place the winning card on a blackjack table or put the lever on the slot machine to win a jackpot cannot compete with anything, probably climbing the Mt. Everest nothing short of it.

This rush is the primary reason why people keep going back to the casino and develop a sort of addiction that they cannot let go of.

How Do Casinos Operate?

The casino business model must have been developed by a mastermind because there isn’t anything better than this.

“Casinos make money by making you lose it, without actually buying anything in particular.”

Let me explain this a little better.

We part with our money on a daily basis, but whenever we do we get something in return, it may be a product or a service.

When we part with our money in a casino, we do it because we have lost the round of the game we played at a table. It isn’t because we bought the table itself.

Some might say that the casino experience and the complimentary drinks make it a fair exchange, but no drink will ever compensate for losing 2,000 pounds in Craps. Let me know if I am wrong.

People have lost a fortune at Poker. This is a game for the big league in the casinos. The high rollers who play it are often referred to as whales by the casinos.

These are the people who bring in the most income for the casinos, even if they lose a few hundred thousand, their millions will not break a sweat.

If you notice closely enough, you will find that amongst the casino players, the number of people who play and lose is far higher than the number of people who play and win.

So, now we can understand why casinos are the most ingenious business idea.

How You get Attached?

Anyone who tests his luck in the casino knows that the probability of him winning more than he loses quite him. Hardly anyone wins a Jackpot at the slots machine. The winning plausibility is one in a million. Still, people keep pushing their money inside the slots.

You are bound to think why?

I have already told you the answer; you weren’t paying much attention.

If you have a 10% chance of converting your £10 into £100, will you take it or not? I certainly would, even knowing that I might lose the 10 pounds, the enticement of a hundred will make parting with the £10 seem not bad at all.

Now, instead of ten, make the amount a hundred or even a thousand. The conversion would increase consequently by higher on such an amount.

He might even win once or twice, but the consistent gambling is bound to overshadow his winnings by losses.

It makes a person get so attached that he develops a problem.

There are people out there who have a gambling problem that is so aggravated that they have to take very bad credit loans from direct lenders in the UK to repay another gambling debt or gamble some more.

The loan they take wasn’t conceptualized to abet gambling, but to provide a semblance of financial stability for those who do not have it.

The gambler is so engrossed in the world inside a casino that he cannot see or focus on anything else than the rush he gets when the dealer places his cards in front of him.

And it all starts with the first win.

Winding Up With the Solution

Gambling is severe addictions that can make a person lose touch with his reality. People have sold off their cars, homes, and even businesses for this undue addiction and that too, without a moment’s dependency.

There are a lot of ways to avoid a fate like that.

  • You can start by realising that you indeed have a problem and consequently distance yourself from casinos and anything that involves you betting money.
  • You can build a support system of your close family and friends who will help you overcome it.
  • You can start going to AA meetings to interact with people like yourself and learn from each other’s battles.

I am merely giving you ideas. The result will only be seen when you make use of them.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.
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