Coronavirus and Pets: How to keep them safe?

Coronavirus breakdown has been a cause of fear, several uncertainties, and a serious issue of concern regarding every aspect of life. Covid19 outbreak has made everything vulnerable and has become a reason to doubt every cause that might result in harming oneself.

This has become a threat to the pet owners making them worry if their pets are a cause of virus spread.

To end all the doubts there can be a simple explanation of how your pets are safe to be around and are no elements of danger. Although over a few months we are getting new information about the virus and there had been cases where a tiger or any other animal was found corona positive.

But, as new this virus has been for us, the same is with all our researchers and there has been ongoing analysis about COVID 19 every minute in the world, and there has been no evidence that pets can be a source of infection of the virus or if they can be infected by the virus.

keep your pets safe
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There is no doubt that the virus outbreak has become a source of fear for everyone and we want ourselves and our families to be safe. While safety is the epitome center for us, the same applies to our pets. They need our care and love now more than ever. We are coming across various cases where owners are abandoning their pets on the streets to die for, they are not sure if their pets are safe to be around.

As heart-breaking as it sounds, it is also very inhuman. when you cannot take responsibility for your part, you shouldn’t have taken a step to adopt them as well. You cannot give up on your family and instead must protect them from danger and should keep them safe.

Here are several ways how you can keep your pets safe:

You need to keep calm and if there is any doubt clouding your mind, before coming to any conclusions, you must contact the vet. He is the right person to be consulted and is an expert to comment on what measures you must take to keep your pet protected.

There are certain question you must know the answers, if you own a dog or cat:

Can dogs catch coronavirus?

Can dogs catch coronavirus
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As we have earlier said, there is no evidence that dogs or any companion animal can catch coronavirus or can be a source of the same, said WHO. Although, new information is rapidly evolving around the globe.

Has there been any case of coronavirus in dogs?

Has there been any case of coronavirus in dogs?
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Many dogs were kept in quarantine as a result of the doubt when their owners were tested corona positive. While many dogs were tested, only two dogs: Pomeranian and German Shepherd from Hong Kong were found positive. Although, they were weakly infected and the infection was found only in the mouth and nose. Currently, there is no evidence that dogs can get sick from the virus and can become a source of spread. But, being new to COVID-19, you must always take basic health hygiene seriously and must keep all sorts of sanitary measures around pets and yourself to stay extra cautious.

Is it safe to travel with my pet during COVID-10?

Is it safe to travel with my pet during COVID-10?
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Yes, it is safe to travel with a pet as long as you are taking care of yourself first. Make sure to maintain social distance and if you are thinking of traveling with your pet over a long distance then it is better to use a transportation service for your pet like CitizenShipper which can help you do that in a very easy manner.

Is kissing or hugging my dog okay?  OR Is it okay if my dog hugs or kisses me or my kids?

Is kissing or hugging my dog okay?
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While we love our dogs and can never get enough of loving them, but kissing them or letting them lick you has never been a good idea. Humans and animals have a different immunity and a way to react towards certain bacteria and can be unhealthy for both to let them put across. The bacteria in your dog’s mouth can become a cause of disease and therefore there is a certain breed of dogs that you can easily entrust into kissing while the others still remain a vulnerable cause of a disease.

The bacterial infection is not just one reason but if you feel your dog or cat is uncomfortable or feel scared while you try to show affection and go nearby, you must avoid doing so, till they are comfortable around you. Animals have a basic instinct of fear while around a new person and it must not be instigated, as that can result in serious retaliation towards yourself. This should be taken care of, especially around children, as they are very immature to understand a pet instantly and any action might become a reason for your pet to in-act towards your kids.

If you touch them and are in constant contact you must wash your hands after petting, feeding, or walking them regularly as it is helpful for you, as well as your pet. This will help you stay away from danger in case they eliminate any virus including coronavirus.

Should you avoid coming in contact with your pet when they are sick?

Should you avoid coming in contact with your pet when they are sick?
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Although we are believing the reports from WHO saying, there has been no evidence of coronavirus in pets but taking precautions is always better than suffering later. If you are sick you must not come in direct contact with anyone including your pets because the nature of coronavirus is very vulnerable and should not be taken lightly.  It is recommended that people who are sick must maintain a distance with their pets and limit themselves to no contact till things become cleared on COVID-19.

You can seek for any other family member to take care of your pet. While you are corona positive, you must avoid any contact with your pet including petting, kissing, hugging, or sharing food. This is helpful for you as well as your pet.

What happens if my pet is sick?

If you own a dog or cat for a long time, you must be aware that they can get sick from many things and the coronavirus may not be the sole reason for their illness. But you must take all sorts of precautions for any cause of the vulnerability and hence must contact a vet to ensure yourself about the pet’s health.


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