Crucial Features to Consider for an Online Grocery App Development

In this tech-driven world, the majority of people aim to save resources, whether it’s time, money, or organizing their daily routines. With the increasing load of work and a busy schedule, people have become accustomed to on-demand delivery apps.

According to the study, around 80% of shoppers access their smartphone & other gadgets to purchase various essential and non-essential items online. Out of all essentials, grocery has not yet grown like various other sectors. Mobile app developers are taking benefit of this business opportunity.

To create an online shopping app for their grocery store, businesses must understand the user’s demands. People are always looking forward to an app that fulfills their demand in the best possible manner.

People want a user-friendly and attractive app to help them reduce their spending and handle their monthly expenses systematically. In a nutshell, users will rely on apps that solve all of their issues.

Various leading organizations across the globe, such as Walmart & Amazon, are starting their grocery delivery services across the world.

If you are running an offline grocery business, then this is the best time to create an app like amazon for your grocery store. Here, it would be best if you thought of creating an on-in-one grocery app.

To create a modern grocery app, you need to include some useful features which are trending in the market. To make your task easy, here we will provide you some compelling features that you should consider during grocery app development.

Top 10 Features to Include in Online Grocery App Development

1. Effective Signup

The signup process should be quick and efficient. For this, you can allow users to sign up via an Email or Mobile Number. Apart from this, you should include login via third-party apps like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

2. Instant Search

This is the most basic feature of a shopping app, and it should be simple yet effective. It should allow users to get their products with a simple search. Moreover, it should be able to accept some grammar and spelling errors.

To make it attractive, you should include different filters and categories, using which user can find their desired product quickly & effectively.

3. Quick Shopping List

It is a very important feature in any grocery shopping application. To create this feature more effectively, it’s better to include an in-app dictionary. Any of the products that a user searches into the application is included in the dictionary. The application will autofill the item whenever the user visits the app again.  Grocery list apps consist of inherent dictionaries that enable users to add items to the list instantly.

4. Track Spending

Users want to check the spending of the entire month. Here, it would help if you displayed spending infographics that display user’s primary areas of spending and a method to reduce their expenses. Even though the feature of tracking the spending is among the most crucial features, a vast number of leading apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have ignored it.

5. Delivery Scheduler

This feature enables users to book their delivery service in advance. Here, customers have complete freedom to select the delivery date at the time of checkout. This feature will improve your business respect in the eyes of the customers.

6. Push Notifications

Push notifications are useful to provide constant updates about the upcoming offers and products. Apart from this, you can also provide notifications about discounts and coupons. This feature is highly essential in a grocery app development as it urges users to come back to your app again and again.

7. Multiple Payment Options

One of the crucial features you should consider when you make a shopping app is multiple payment options. Here, you should include options like credit/ debit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery. By adding this feature, you will be able to draw more users to the grocery app.

8. Location Tracking

The GPS real-time tracking feature plays a significant role in the success of a grocery app. Here, it allows users to track their grocery deliveries from dispatch location to the final spot.

9. Grocery Shopping List Reminders

A grocery shopping app can allow users to purchase a standard list of groceries that the users will have consumed by the end of the week. For instance, a popular app known as Daily Bread combines with a reminders app and alerts users as soon as they finish their groceries.

10. Coupons and Loyalty Programs

Customers are always looking for various discounts and offers. Here, you can provide coupons in two formats, digital and paper. All these coupons showcase various discount programs on daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal offers. By providing relevant coupons to the users considering their shopping history, shopping lists, or a user’s location, you help users for effective family budgeting.

One popular grocery shopping app, Grocery IQ, has partnered with In this app, anytime a user’s add something, the app notifies users about the coupons available to print or load in their grocery store loyalty card.

The majority of users are excited about coupons, regardless of whether they are printed or digital, as it allows users to save bucks during their grocery shopping. However, various users love to get personalized coupons based on their shopping list.

11. Barcode Scanning

This is the must-have feature in an online grocery application. It allows users to scan the groceries via their smartphone’s camera to check the price of the item. This feature allows users to get the product information instantly and add it to the cart. You can also include some vital details of the product like nutritional value and dietary recommendations.

12. Prompt & quick sharing

To improve user experience, you should include this feature into the grocery app. This feature allows users to share grocery lists with their friends and family members. By this, they can verify with them if they are missing anything on the list.

13. Recommended products

You may have noticed this feature in various online shopping apps. With this feature, as per the user’s search preferences, you can showcase recommended products at the bottom of the screen. By integrating this feature in your grocery app, you can appropriately serve the needs of users.

14. Combination Offers

This is one of the rare features that you should add to your grocery app. As per this feature, whenever a user chooses a product, the app will show other products that users have purchased with that product. This combo offer will enhance the search for all the users. This combo offer will also help shoppers to save their money.

15. Membership

Various popular apps like amazon offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships. Here, in these memberships, they offer various things like free delivery, special offers to members only, etc. You will be able to attract a vast number of people as they will think they are getting quality service at a reasonable price. This annual membership plan will not only be beneficial to you but also your customers.


Here we conclude our list of some of the most important features that you shouldn’t miss when you plan on developing an online grocery app.

Moreover, if you want to make your grocery business reach new heights within a few years, you should approach a grocery app development company. They will understand your idea in detail, give effective analysis, and then deliver you the best online grocery app that your target audience loves.


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