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Haircut with Shaved Sides for Punk Rocker

Enjoy the punk rock look with black hairstyles with shaved sides. This music movement affects the fashion, lifestyle, and hairstyle. If you really love the shaved look, you can present the punk rock style. The impression of a cute and funky hairstyle is presented with Mohawk style. You can create a drastic change with this hairstyle. You can pick the clean shaved hairstyle at the side of the hair. Then you can have the front part of the hair longer. You have to strip hair to run down along the middle of the head. You can make this strip hair long or short depending on the personal taste.

This kind of haircut is exceptionally good in summer months when it’s too hot to manage the long and curly hairs. One of the biggest challenges is to find the perfect hair salon to get this kind of shaved haircut. The fact remains a fact that not all hair salons expect such bold clients who are looking for shaved side hair cut. As per the hair cutting expert Jawed Habib finding a good hairstylist is easy if you are looking for trendy cut however you will be out of luck if you try a haircut that is truly unique.

If the black hairstyles with shaved sides are for girls, you do not need to apply the clean shave. You keep the side of the hair in 1 to 2 inches longer to avoid the extreme style. The black hairstyles with shaved sides will look adorable if you can have the top part of the hair colored. You can tease the top of the hair spiked. If you want to enjoy an edgy look, you can pick the neoclassical punk cut in a faux hawk. It will be interesting if you can have the curly look at the faux hawk style. Give the deeper look with a chunky highlight on the top of the hair.

Haircut with Shaved Sides
Haircut with Shaved Sides

The next type of black hairstyles with shaved sides is the asymmetrical pixie cut. This hairstyle is inspired by Twiggy. She is the British famous supermodel who makes the asymmetrical pixie cut very popular. This pixie cut can be adapted in punk rock style with heavily layered bangs. You can make it enticing if the bangs can fall in the diagonal position. The pixie cut is good for women who have thin and straight hair. If you have curly and wavy hair, you can use the hair products and flat iron to enjoy asymmetrical black hairstyles with shaved sides.

If you are a rock star, the long on top and short on sides haircut is the best decision. It can convey the message that you are a funky person who loves rock music. The haircut is good not only for the men and women who have straight hair. Those who have wavy or curly hair can choose it too. But ensure that it will never create a brittle or frizzy look. The side of the hair can be shaved completely if the haircut is for men. If the haircut is for women, you can make the side hair very short in buzz cut or you can shave it all.


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