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How To Get Started With Fantasy Cricket Online

Fantasy sports industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The biggest reason being the ever-increasing need of a fan to connect and engage in the real game. Sports is no longer limited to being a part of fan clubs and engaging in social media forums. The fantasy sports craze has caught up with fans. More than ever, cricket fans want to be a part of a virtual online game based on real-time cricket match.

The concept

Similar to sports on the field, dream 11 fantasy cricket is about playing a game on virtual space. You have to pick XI players, in a set of wicketkeeper, batsmen, all-rounders and bowlers. Also, you are required to pick a captain and a vice captain who you think are the two best players and can put on best performance in the real-time game.

All in all, it is a fun exercise for cricket fanatics that not only real-time engagement with their favourite players but also offers an opportunities to win cash and bag rewards. You can invite and challenge your friends to a game and get bragging rights.

fantasy cricket online
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How to play

As explained earlier, a user makes a team predicting the performance of the players taking part in the game. In some fantasy cricket games, you have to predict outcomes like who will win today match, who will be the top 3 players, who will bag more wickets, who will score more runs, what will be the total run aggregate of a team, what will be the result of the game, and much more. 

You will be scored on the basis of your chosen players perform in real match or the outcomes you get correct. More your predictions come true, better are your chances of winning the rewards.

In a nutshell, fantasy cricket is about engagement and entertainment for cricket fans. A game of skill that makes use of your analytical ability, understanding of the game, research on the subject and put that all together to make predictions.

Where to play fantasy cricket online

A cricket fan is spoilt for choices with endless fantasy cricket apps and platforms on the web offering variety of options. Not just cricket, these apps usually feature other mainstream sports like football, basketball, hockey, baseball, handball, volleyball and kabaddi. Going by the number of new entrants in the last few years, there will be more exciting fantasy cricket games in near future for fans to enjoy.

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