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8 tips and ideas how to make a flyer that stands out in 2022

Do you want to advertise your brand and services in front of a larger audience but do not have a lot of money to put in advertisements? One best option is to spread out free flyer templates. According to a report, creative flyers are an amazing way to endorse your brand, products and services in front of a large audience. The report says that nearly 48% of the people who read the flyers visit the brand to purchase something or at least inquire about the services as depicted in the flyers.

Flyers are small and easy to spread out too. Besides that, you can pay a small amount to the local newspaper vendors to place flyers in between the newspapers and distribute them to a large audience without paying anything extra.

Thus creating appealing flyers for advertisement purposes is a great way to promote anything. Before you jump with marketing, the flyer templates also need to be highly attractive and have an appealing element to them. Follow this guide on how can you make unique and attractive flyers for your business marketing.

How to Make a Flyer That Stands Out?

The flyers must look great and have catchy phrases that the audience can relate to. In 2022, everything has become digital and this is why creating a flyer is no longer a tough job. There are many software and applications that can be used to create a flyer.

After reading a lot of articles and using various software that supported free flyer templates, we have created a list of tips that can be used to create a flyer that has a great flyer template.

Eight tips that you can follow to make a flyer design stand out:-

  1. Create the right focus

The focus of your flyer should be highly attractive and appealing. As soon as a person takes a look at the flyer, there must be an attraction towards more that is on that flyer.

To create the perfect focal point for your flyer, you can make use of bright and sharp images.

Images with attractive colours and appealing text written can draw a lot of attention towards more that is printed on the flyer. Thus having the right focus for your flyer is a must.

2. Target a specific audience

You need to keep in mind that the audience you are targeting needs to see the flyer and have an idea about the services you provide.

To make the flyer design templates more intriguing, it is best to make use of ‘you’ and ‘your’ instead of first-person terms.

It is best to do proper research about the audience you want to target and have the flyers spread out to them so the flyers are more successful.

For example, if you want to spread flyers about a sale at an electronics store, then you should probably target the young audience as they are more inclined towards electronics.

3. Benefits for the customers

It is best to highlight what you can give to the customers that your competition cannot. You need to advertise the benefits you provide in the flyers perfectly.

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This will create an inclination towards your content and let you have more potential customers.

It will be great if you make points about what benefits the customers get and add them subtly on the flyer template.

4. Post engaging content

You should add content that is appealing and informative for the people who see the flyers. The content needs to be short but also have an appeal towards the people that read them.

Note that the title of the flyer is going to be the first thing anyone sees. So make use of attractive fonts and catchy lines but you need to keep the written work on the flyers short.

5. Talk about offers

The flyers containing details about sales offers, and discounts are often more intriguing than any other informative flyer.

Highlight your offers and discounts on the flyer which will thus attract more audience towards your brand.

For online flyers, you can even add coupon codes at the end to get the viewers to make use of the discount and purchase from you.

6. Use call-to-action

flyer designSince you want the viewers to purchase from you and engage with your brand, it is best if you add texts that call out the viewers and ask them to act on them.

You can make use of phrases like ‘call now!‘, ‘visit the website‘, etc. This would make your flyer more successful in engaging the audience.

7. Print high-quality flyers

Not only creating flyers but printing them in high quality is very important. If your flyers look premium and have great quality, then they will have more chances to attract an audience and thus stand out amongst any other flyer template print.

You can make use of Lucidpress to get the best quality flyers. Make use of thick quality paper and the print quality must be great too.

8. Add 3D effect

Some of the latest trends have shown that using embossing on the flyers can make a great impact.

Just like it is used for creating logo design on platforms like Designhill, you can add a 3D effect to the images as well. The catchphrases will lead to making the audience get the appeal. This would help in attracting more audiences to your brand and services.


The above point is focused on how to make a flyer design that will be very attractive for the audience and stand out. In 2022, there are many free flyer templates on the internet but nothing makes them stand out because they are used too often.

It is best if you either hire a professional to create flyers for you or you take it upon yourself and follow the above tips to create an engaging flyer.

The above tips can be helpful in getting the kind of flyer that will promote the content perfectly and help the brand gain more customers.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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