How to Save Fuel in Automatic Car

In this article, we will discover how to save fuel in an automatic car. Without an idea of increasing the fuel efficiency of your automatic transmission car, you would likely be spending more on fuel. As you may already be aware, fuel constitutes about 50% of the expenses on vehicles. Thus, saving fuel means saving some cash.

Not many are opportune to guides such as how to reduce fuel consumption in automatic cars. Being that you are fortunate to find this article, you should adhere to save fuel and save money. If you own a vintage car, you will likely spend helplessly. But for modern vehicles, some technologies can help save gas.

We will be exploring the best tips to save fuel in your automatic car for more extended travels. As you discover the tips, endeavor to put them into practice.

How to Save Fuel in Automatic Car

Use Cruise Control

Regarding how to save fuel in automatic car, understand that over speeding costs fuel. Sometimes, you may over-speed unconsciously, which is why the automobile industry introduced the cruise control feature.

Most modern automatic cars arrive with cruise control technology. This feature in an automatic car allows your car to run at a set speed limit. Thus, even when you are unconscious of speed, your car will not drive too fast. However, it is not advisable to use cruise control in winding roads, heavy traffic, and slippery roads. While on the highway or express, enable the cruise control and save up to 30% fuel in your automatic car.

Avoid Maniac Driving

When you drive carelessly for fun or just to entertain the crowd, you are also burning gas by 3x. Aside from the fact that you may crash the car, you are also depleting your bank account. You should avoid the maniac driving habit whenever possible. Even when you find yourself in an open field, try to comport yourself and drive responsibly.

Tweak Your Car ECU

The ECU of a typical modern automatic car can help to save fuel. With concerns on how to reduce fuel consumption in automatic transmission cars, do not disregard the ECU. Understand car, wrong settings in the ECU can cause the car not to run correctly. Being the brain link of the car, it might confuse the car to think the high amount of fuel it is gulping is the proper amount.

If you have no idea what to set in the ECU, contact your mechanic and report the problem. If possible, find out the settings he implements to correct the fuel efficiency of your car.

Use Recommended Fuel

Every automatic car, just like the manual variant, comes with a manufacturer’s recommended fuel type. If your manufacturer recommends premium fuel, stick to premium fuel and watch your car consume less. If the manufacturer recommends fuel with 91 or higher octane, you can use fuel with 95 or 98 octanes. If the recommended petrol is petrol with lesser octane, heed to the advice of the manufacturer.

For the sake, not just saving fuel, but protecting your engine, stick to manufacturer recommendations. The manufacturers built the car and they know exactly what the car demands.

Replace Worn Fan Belt

When the fan belt is worn, it places excess demand on the car engine. Regarding how to increase fuel efficiency in an automatic car, you do not want to cruise with a worn fan belt. Why? Once the engine starts, vehicle operation loads shift to the engine and the engine is unable to function smoothly. Because of the difficulty, it resolves to demand high fuel from the car to complete every task while you are driving. You may not be aware of tall of these tasks because you are busy enjoying the ride.

Do Not Overload

Most persons find it somewhat okay to overload their vehicles. Guess what? The more you load the car, the more fuel you lose. Do not unnecessarily load up the vehicle. When you pack on the luggage on the car, it applies more pressure to the engine. In cases where the road is filled with gallops, it becomes even more difficult for the car to respond. Amid this difficulty, the engine requests an enormous amount of fuel from the tank to complete the task.

If you own a small car for towing and the manufacturer specifies 1,200 pounds as a towing limit, do not tow up to 1,500 pounds. Already, you are putting excess weight on the car which decreases the fuel efficiency drastically.

Plan Your Route

An ethical principle governing how to increase fuel efficiency in an automatic car is “route planning”. It is rare for car owners to plan trips, but such a practice saves fuel. With modern apps like Google Maps, you can tell which road to use and which not to use. Try not to use routes with several traffics and potholes. Also, opt for a highway where you can initiate the cruise control and save fuel.

Final Thought

There is no magic in saving fuel in automatic cars. Simply, put the right practices as in this article in place and watch the improvement. Also, when you are covering close destinations, opt for public transportation. If you are accessing a close neighborhood, you may use your bicycle instead of a car to save more fuel.

There could be several other technologies in your modern car that can aid save fuel. Funny enough, you may be unaware of such technologies, which is why you should contact your manufacturer.


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