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Looking out for a Dream Apartment in Singapore?

Marina One Residences is the best investment for you if you are looking out to buy a dream apartment in Singapore. Everyone wants to avail of all the luxurious amenities near his/her house. So we are presenting a dream project in front of you, Marina One Residences Showflat, where you will get everything you have ever dreamt of. You will get all the excellent amenities near your dream abode, such as excellent car parking facilities, Gym facilities, swimming pools, restaurants, offices, schools, railway stations, and much more. If you have kids, do visit our Condo because Marina One has everything for you. It offers a spacious playground for kids. After pondering several above mentioned points, itwill be a perfect choice for you. Now, let’s have a look at what are the things that you should consider before buying a dream apartment in Singapore.

 What to Consider Before Buying an Apartment?

Here are several considerations that must always be kept in mind while buying an apartment. 

1. Understand your requirements and purpose 

Are you wondering about buying a property as an investment or as a home for you and your family? Firstly, you need to understand your requirements and objectives.

2. Buying a property for your staying purpose

A home is that place where your heart is, and this makes the decision of purchasing a residential property, a substantial financial and emotional decision for your family. There are a variety of other factors, which should be considered while purchasing a residential property in Singapore. If you are buying a property for the first time, then you should ask yourself- Should I buy a property or a condo? It is completely based on your financial condition when you are ready to make a purchase. HDB(Housing Development Board) is a great place to begin with if you have a limited budget. You are also provided with some CPF grants if you are a Singaporean Permanent and local Singaporean Resident. Although purchasing an apartment in Singapore is a great investment as well. Even if you are planning to live in this apartment for a few years, you can always be certain that in a city like Singapore, you will be easily able to re-sell your apartment and upgrade in the future.

3. Should you upgrade from HDB to a private condo

Maybe, you are already living in HDB, and you have decided now that it’s time to upgrade to a private apartment. Many people do start with a small investment when they first enter into the private apartment market. Still, they usually get a chance to upgrade their investment several times in the future. HDB housing is usually more affordable, and these properties are mostly closer to amenities like public transport and some public schools.

Purchasing an apartment in Singapore is not only an excellent option for residential purposes. But, it is also a great investment option because it has the potential of a greater capital appreciation as compared to HDB. Many people often chose to live in an apartment as an assurance that something valuable in terms of financial and social standing is accomplished.

4. What are the factors do you need to ensure your family’s convenience?

In Singapore, everyone focuses on maintaining a high level of education standard, and so the parents always look for the proximity of the reputed schools from their home. It is considered to be one of the major factors while buying a residential apartment in Singapore. Education is a high priority for many families in Singapore, so they consider it important to live close to a reputed school as possible. Looking for an apartment in a family-friendly neighborhood within 1 kilometer from good schools is always the top priority in the bucket list of many families.

Kids are not only factors for families who are looking to buy residential real estate in Singapore. Most of the young couples have aged parents, and while the parents may not stay with them, these young couples still want to live closer to their parents in order to make sure that they can keep an eye on them always. Many other local Singaporeans have strong family connections, and they consider the importance of staying close to parents and grandparents. So they always look for a residential opportunity that provides recreational facilities like a spa, jogging track and swimming pool, etc., so that their elders can always remain fit and healthy. In this way, they can even have a close watch on them.

5. Purchasing a property is always a good idea 

Property is always considered as the best investment, particularly in a booming economy like Singapore. As more and more foreigners are also looking for investing in Singapore, it is estimated that the value of housing will rise further in the coming years.

Some Key Takeaways:

So, we have also discussed some of the critical considerations when you are thinking of buying an abode in Singapore. Location is the first factor to consider when you are thinking of buying an investment property. The location of your investment property in Singapore will determine the class of tenants who are interested in your property. Purchasing and selling a property is a great purchase for most people, and it can also be very stressful. When people enter the real estate market, one of the major reasons is anxiety.Marina One Residence is a great place to start with before you start to look out for the other real estate investment options in Singapore. And we assure you that you would be getting all the above-mentioned amenities with your dream abode.


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