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Non-Touristy Activities to Do in Bali

5 Non-touristy activities to do in Bali Indonesia

Popularly referred to as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ Bali has continued to be the one-stop tourist destination for tourists from across the globe. Whether you’re looking at lush green landscapes, some breathtaking views, stunning beaches, water sport activities, a wide array of attractions and much more, Bali has got it all! So regardless of whether you’re a family travelling with kids or are a couple on your honeymoon, there’s most definitely something in Bali for everyone.

If you’re tired of all the mundane common activities and are wanting something more refreshing, we’ve jotted down some of the non-touristy activities to do in Bali just for you. These are attractions that may not be quite popular but are definitely worth a visit. 

1. Visit Bali’s Local Market

What better way to explore the region, than to do it the same way the locals do. Tourists could head over to the local markets that are present all throughout Bali.

You could even pick up a couple of souvenirs on your way back. These local markets have some of the best produce you’ll find in the mainland.

Bali local market

During the early hours of the morning, farmers are seen setting up their stalls, stocked up with fresh produce and raring to go!

The best time for you to soak in the whole market experience would be around 5:00 am in the morning. Just the very sound, ambiance, smell and vibe of the market is a whole new experience altogether.

2. Join a Beach Cleanup

Tourists will also familiarize themselves with the fact that Bali could definitely deal with a much better and well-equipped waste management system.

The island has some pretty good infrastructure to its advantage but the waste management has been a cause of concern for a long time. Tourists could limit their usage of plastic, avoid littering at the beaches or maybe even refill your water bottles at the water stations that have been provided for you.

Tourists can resolve to restrain from the usage of any form of plastic bags, be it at the market, restaurant, cafe and so on.

There are a number of varied organisations that have strives to raise awareness and promote this cause. Tourists can volunteer in one of the many annual, monthly and sometimes even weekly cleanups that take place in the region.

3. Go to a Kite Festival

The ‘Bali Kite Festival,’ has been regarded as one of the most popular and widely talked about festivals in the region. The festival most often takes place in the month of July, as the months between May to August are known to be the ideal kite-flying time in Bali.

kite festival Bali

This is a traditional festival that gives tourists the opportunity to fly some authentic Balinese Kites. There are a number of varied kite clubs as well that are available in the region, known for their unique blend of modern and traditional kite designs. Tourists can maybe even purchase a kite or two during this time.

4. Hike Mount Catur

Tourists can also consider a hike to ‘Mount Catur,’ regarded as one of the fourth highest volcanic peaks located in Bali. The volcano has a height of about 2,096 meters and looms right over Lake Beratan, known to be the second biggest lake in the region.

Mount Catur

Tourists can visit the Gua Jepang caves that were initially built for the prisoners of the second World War. Though the path is comparatively easy to chart your way through, the journey, on the other hand, takes about 3 hours.

This is an alternative option in comparison to the Mount Batur trek, that witnesses floods of tourists every year. It would be best for tourists to avoid this trek during the onset of the rainy season.

5. Make your own Batik

The Balinese people are widely recognized for “Batik’s,” an Indonesian textile art in the world.


For the best results, it is prepare from wax dyes and liquids and with great precision. Tourists can also visit a couple of workshops or two and maybe even make their own batik textile for themselves.

Experience an overnight stay with a host family

If you have courage and does not mind staying the night with a local Balinese family, what better way could there be for you to understand and wholly comprehend the Balinese way of life.

Most host families welcome tourists with wide arms and are happy to through light upon their culture and traditions. The villages are a tight-knit community of folk and have a wide array of events/ shows that take place almost on a daily basis.

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