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Precautions To Follow During The Sale Of Lighthouse Point Homes

Located in Broward County, the small city of Lighthouse Point is a paradise for homeowners. Surrounded by beaches on three sides, Lighthouse Point homes are a treat to the senses. It is a small city with a population of 15000 and is located somewhere to the East of US Federal Highway One.

The entire city of Lighthouse Point consists of single-family homes that have a water-facing side. It is the most alluring feature of those homes and attracts a large number of potential buyers. Homes in the city have every type of architectural style. From the Mediterranean to contemporary, you can find every design at Lighthouse Point Homes.

The proximity of Lighthouse points to many shops, restaurants, shopping centres, golf courses, and recreation zones increases the value of the properties. Some of the homeowners even have boats that they dock to the first water canals. The water channels are part of the intercostal waterway and lead to the Atlantic Ocean.

Although buyers are interested in this part of Florida, the recent Coronavirus pandemic has left things problematic. Even if there is a heavy inflow of buyers, some precautions need to be taken to ensure homeowners and the community’s safety as a large.

What precautions should you follow during the sale of lighthouse point homes?

The mayor of Lighthouse City, Glenn Troast, has declared a state of emergency for the coastal city. It is due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak across all the states of the US. There are many precautions that realtors should follow while negotiating sales of lighthouse point homes

All the precautions have been listed in a declaration issued by the mayor. The focal points of the declaration were about the restriction of access to certain parts of the town. Along with that, the eateries, cafeterias, restaurants, and all other food services have been asked to halt their on-premises services. Take-outs are, however, still functional. In light of the pandemic, realtors are often confused about how they should proceed with the house openings.

Here are the main precautions that you need to follow during the sale of lighthouse point homes.

Holding open houses 

Holding open houses is a tumultuous thing during the pandemic. It would be best if you were extra cautious while showing your clients around. Consult with your brokers and survey the situation minutely. If you get to know that a certain house has been sealed, refrain from trying to enter the premises. The penalty for flouting norms is high, and you can even have charges filed against you. It is better to wait for a few days till everything clears out before you can show houses again. This is a tough time for both realtors and clients. You need to be calm under all circumstances and consult your local authorities before taking any step.

For houses having “shelter in place” order

There are certain houses in Lighthouse point that have the “shelter in place” order over them. For such houses, you must abandon all open-houses and other realtor services. Even if your clients insist that you must hold open houses, ask them to wait for a few days. By giving in to the clients’ whims, you would be putting both of your lives at risk. Be open and straightforward about such incidents and educate them about the grave consequences.

Limit the number of visitors

Sometimes it is not possible to completely denounce a house tour. If there are no signs regarding movement restrictions over a house, you can hold house tours with limitations. Ensure that there are a limited number of people on each tour. Overcrowding can lead to the spreading of infections if any. It would be best if you never took chances with your health or those of your visitors. Make sure that everyone wears a mask and are following proper sanitary norms.

Ask for health statements and reports

Even if it might seem rude, you need to ask your clients about their travel and health history. If they have come from a pandemic-heavy location, refrain from holding open houses till two weeks. Ask your clients if they are sick or experiencing any symptoms of the virus. If you neglect this aspect, you will put the entire population of the Lighthouse point at risk. Ensure that you ask about travel history and health reports to all the customers to avoid any foul-play questions.

Ask your clients to disinfect and maintain social distancing

There must be a minimum distance of 6 feet between all the individuals at every point of time. Ensure that everyone washes their hands before entering the house. To avoid greater contact and risk, appoint all your sessions online. After the visitors leave, ask the homeowners to disinfect the place so that any risk of contamination will be overruled.

Even if the recent times are not favouring realtors, you can still ensure that business goes smoothly as usual. Follow the adequate precautions to keep yourself and your clients’ safe during the sale of lighthouse point homes. 


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