Split, Window or Portable AC: Which is the Best to Buy?

While it is rather easy to reach a conclusion when it comes to the pros and cons of investing in an AC, the devil is indeed in the detail when it comes to zeroing-in on your purchase. Considering different consumers have different needs, different types of Split, Window or Portable AC units are available in the market.

From the type of AC, to its different parameters and the technology used, there is no dearth of options when it comes to hand-picking the air conditioning unit that fits your every need.

That said, the most common dilemma one faces while doing their research about air conditioners is whether it would be better to invest in a window AC, a split AC or a portable AC. Considering one has to take several factors into account before reaching a decision, it is important to know which type of AC fulfils your requirements. Here is a quick guide to help you make your decision.

Size of the Room

If you want to buy an air conditioner for a decent-sized room (around 150 square feet), then you would be better off choosing a split air conditioner. Considering split ACs have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, it is bulkier, but takes up less space as it is wall-mounted.

However, if the room is relatively small, then you can opt for a window AC, since the unit is designed to fit into the room’s window.

Portable ACs are better if you want to move the air conditioner around. However, considering these are bulkier units, they will not serve the purpose if the room is small.

Let’s start discussing the AC purchasing according to the size of the room. Suppose the room size is 100 sq ft, the average AC capacity in tonnage should be 0.8 ton.

As the same, if the room size is 150 sq ft., the AC  capacity should be 1.0 ton. For an area around 250 sq ft. the AC capacity should be 1.5 ton.

For an area up to 400 sq ft. the AC capacity should be 2 ton. The assumption is given for five people in the room at the same time.

If you buy one with higher capacity than your requirement, you will need to pay more than required and will need to pay more power bill. So it would be suggested to have a clear idea about the square area to cool with numbers of people in your room.

Installation and Design

While you can install a window AC or a portable AC by yourself, you would need to call a professional to install a split AC. Furthermore, split ACs have indoor and outdoor units, and while the indoor units are aesthetically appealing, outdoor units are bulky and are often unattractive. Thus, if you care about the design aspect of your place, you should consider buying a portable AC unit.


While window ACs and portable ACs have their own advantages, if you want to go for an air conditioning unit with a large cooling capacity (thus, for a large room).

The ideal option is a split air conditioning unit. Split ACs come with various cooling capacities ranging from 0.7 tons to 2 tons. Thus, split ACs are ideal for large rooms that require large cooling capacities.

As in comparison with windows ACs, the power consumption rate for split AC is less. However, the purchasing cost would be slightly higher at the time of buying.

You will not regret buying it as comfort and convenience of split air conditioner is higher as it will support a better interior decoration as well as less noisy because of the outdoor unit at distance.

Star Rating

While there are a myriad of split AC units that come with a 5-star rating, it is difficult to find as many options when it comes to window air conditioners or portable air conditioners. Thus, if you want to opt for a 5-star rated AC and want to browse through multiple options, you might want to go for a split AC.

How much the star rating will be higher the less power it then will consume. The rating is provided by Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for customer awareness.

BEE stars are rated by the Energy saving department of India (government). The ISEER decides the rating on the basis of the ratio generated from heat that can be removed from the indoor air by total air consumed by the machine at the same time.

Numerous of the best ac in India are available, such as O General AC offer split, window and portable ACs to consumers with different tonnage and star ratings, and depending on the above conditions and your requirements, you can opt for an AC that is the right fit for you.


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