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Ten Ways to Use Social Media Platforms for Promoting Your Business!

Are you still looking for new ways to promote your business online? Or Maybe wondering what benefits are involved in the usage of social media?

As per the recent statistics, there are 3.6 billion users who are using social media in 2020. It is estimated that in 2025, this figure will be increased by 4.41 billion.

Indeed, social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) are not only platforms for communication,  but also a useful tool for driving traffic to websites. It offers abundant opportunities to boost the online store and attract customers to improve profits.  The outstanding sources of leveraging social media are mobile devices. So, smart entrepreneurs are regularly employing the social media network to improve the business successfully. Efficient social media marketing companies need determination, the capability to offer the content well, and in an appealing manner, with the skills of managing the targeting advertising to have the desired results. Post information regarding company on pages and community wall information about promotions, contests, and attractive offers for your customers.

It, then, assists you to improve the customer service and allows you to communicate with the prospects on the unique level and help you engage the audience, support to build authority and then, set up the website traffic. If you are interested in grabbing such benefits, a digital marketing agency is a perfect choice.

But for opting these benefits, you have to answers to these questions like:

  • Which social network to choose?
  • Where will you get maximum return with a minimum investment?
  • Which strategies do you have to use for better results?

Well, for finding answers to such queries, you have to go through this write-up for finding the right ways of promoting your brand.

Table of Content

Why Does Business Need Social Media?

Effective Ways for Promoting Your Brand



Why Does Business Need Social Media?

Social media is one of the effective tools to attract an audience and build up their customer base. It fundamentally changes the way to handle and build personal and business relationships. It can be safely argued that the emergence of social platforms has had a huge impact on the entire society. The various benefits of using this tool are:

  • Make a personal and company brand more visible.
  • Create and develop networks of personal and professional acquaintances.
  • Build relationships with clients and opinion leaders.
  • Publish and distribute original content that demonstrates your professionalism and competence.
  • Communicate with your followers and people who support your brand.
  • Generate new leads and increase sales.

Effective Ways for Promoting Your Brand

Give Preference to Right Networks

There are thousands of networks out there that connect people from across the world. But, choosing the right social media channel is one of the major tasks as different platforms require different types of content. This means you need to study diversifying social media best practices and distinct presentation styles for each platform. In addition, every platform has its own purposes. Let’s have a look:

  • Facebook: This platform is an excellent choice for businesses that want to produce leads and strengthen relationships.
  • Twitter: This is a perfect platform for businesses who want to share time-sensitive information like announcements, trending topics, and breaking news.
  • LinkedIn: This is ideal for building a business network, which is good for both B2B and B2C businesses as it helps in building authority and trust for engaging audiences.
  • Pinterest: One of the fantastic platforms for businesses with visual appealing like fashion, art, restaurants, traveling, wedding, and many more.
  • Instagram: This is an amazing platform for building a long-lasting relationship with customers.

Therefore, it would be good to study one particular platform before moving to another one. Before working on a particular platform, it is not only worth to consider personal preferences, but also check on which site has more target audience.

Run Social Specific Discounts or Giveaways

Another great way to advertise your brand in the market is running offering discounts and giveaways through social media. By running campaigns on social media, you can inform your audience about various discounts or giveaways. This common promotional strategy will not only encourage potential customers to buy directly from your social media campaign but also make it easy to evaluate the success. The social giveaways also allow participants to gather more buzz on your social media account. So, reward your loyal subscribers and let them be the first to know about new products, services or events.

Craft Social Media With Content Carefully

Quality content is essential for effective promotion. The promotion of a business on social networks depends on the publication. A faceless page will never attract the attention of new subscribers. Therefore, publish interesting, meaningful, unique, and high-quality content that matches your topic. In addition, update publications systematically. Content management starts with strategy. Each publication is subject to predefined rules and helps to achieve the set goals. A content strategy depends on the interests and needs of your audience. It helps in determining the type of content you should be sharing and the way you engage your followers.

Organize Contests to Amp Up Your Social Media Strategy

Running a successful contest on social media is the most powerful tactic to engage the audience.  This will not only improve online visibility but also allow users to stay in touch with your brand. By organizing an outstanding contest on social media, the brand cannot maximize its benefit but also drive the attention of thousands of customers. While organizing such activities or posting the contest flyer on social media, announce prizes for winners. Make sure the prizes are branded, unique, and memorable. Define these contests with tag words like “Get a Big discount”, “Earn More Coupons”, “Win special Surprises”, and others. This further helps in creating loyalty towards your brand.

Add Video Content In your Strategy

Posting video content is a good advertising stunt. There is a wide range of ways to use video content in your social media strategy. But, live videos are one of the most beneficial tools for promoting business online. Live videos will allow you to connect with your audience authentically and engage them to ask questions. This is the right way to interact with them and bring more results. In addition, you also use the combination of both live videos and recorded videos for flocking the people in your direction.

Focus on Unique or Compelling Visuals

Vial appealing is necessary for encapsulating your brand’s identity. Whether it is about photos, videos, or infographics, it enables your brand to make a stand among top leaders and make it unique by differentiating values. In addition, charts, maps, and dynamic visualizations are the most direct way to create a long-term relationship between audience and businesses. Creating a CTA’s with more attractive color will allow the audience to click on it for making a buy-decision. Visual content keeps the audience inspired and motivated towards the brand.

Take Advantage of Mind-Blowing Images

There is no doubt that posting mind-blowing images on social media will create an amazing presence in front of the audience. For creating stunning graphics for your brand, it would be good you use tools to craft alluring pictures to create a  wow-effect on your audience. You have to create graphics, infographics, GIFs, Animation pictures, emojis, and many others. The dimension of these changes over time. Therefore, make detailed and thorough research for creating the right size of images. So, give preference to eye-catching graphics for making them cohesive with your brand.

Implement a Chatbot

Chatbot changes the way of communicating with clients, customers or audiences. With the assistant of chatbot tool platforms, you can successfully design a bot in a subject of minutes without the need for coding. This amazing technology is an awesome way to promote your brand in the market because it has the ability to reach out to audiences through their preferred devices. A Chatbot is an essential choice for communicating with your audience at a more personal level, providing a self-serving option for customers, taking orders directly through messages, posts, and comments, and many others. Chatbots are a representative of your brand, so make sure your bot is running smoothly and helps the clients in solving problems.

Work with Micro-Influencers

Achieving success through social media can also be possible through influencer marketing. This is a big strategy for promoting your brand through celebrities and bloggers. According to statistics by ION published on Forbes, “Around 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference.” The influencers are more closely engaged with the audience, which further can make your brand more popular. Therefore, look for the right micro-influencer who is prepared to work with your business for advertising your business on social media.

Watch the Right Metrics to Monitor Your Progress

For maintaining the continued progress on social media channels, it is recommended that keep an eye on your metrics. This will help in defining your goals, locate your audience, and provide the right strategy to promote your brand online. Monitoring the progress will cultivate your presence and provide a huge advantage of improving productivity and performance.


Promotion using social media marketing strategy is a long and systematic work. Social media marketing will not only bring immediate commercial impact but it will provide a long-term positive impact on the business. It is a powerful tool that allows you to create a positive image and achieve loyalty from customers. So, choose the right platform and promote your brand accordingly.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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