The 10 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Ever

Are you a Sci-Fi fan? Do shows like Black Mirror intrigue you? If yes, join the club. I am a big fan of Sci-Fi movies and shows. No one would know this better than my Spectrum Internet cable packages. I am sure if anyone from the company ever reviews my history, all they would see is Sci-Fi shows and movies.

Here I am today, sharing my best picks with you guys as well:


Topping my list is this absolute piece of genius. Joss Whedon’s series only aired for 14 episodes. It got canceled later. But those 14 episodes were enough to make me a fan of his work. You should watch the show as well. Get ready to fall in love with it. You will be left craving for more, I can bet on that.

In case, you watch the show, you can watch the follow-up movie Serenity to tie up all the loose ends. What amazed me about the show was the fact that in a matter of just 14 episodes, the creator was able to create a unique frontier world.


Who loves The Simpsons? Futurama is what happens when The Simpsons’ creator tries his hands on Sci-Fi. However, if there are any series that get canceled before its time, it’s got to be a Sci-Fi show. The same happened with Futurama as well. Following the cancellation, there were strings of films to resurrect the series. Apart from that, there was a run of series as well on Comedy Central, but nothing was able to match the original show.

Saddened, I re-watched the limited episodes of Futurama. The main magic of the show was in the cast. The series was a take on what the world would look like in year 3000. And the cast including the kleptomaniac robot Bender and the pathetic Dr. Zoidberg did justice to it.

Battlestar Galactica

This ambitious and engaging series was nothing less than a masterpiece. This series was a remake of the short-lived 70s series that went by the same name. There was a slight difference in the theme though. the 70s version was more about the war between robots and humanity. The 21st-century version, on the other hand, revolves around a fleet of the ship that wants to get what is left of humans to Earth. However, do not think of it as a series that only concentrates on a space battle. Otherwise, it would have been a boring watch.

Star Trek

The Star Trek series was a gift to the Sci-Fi fanatics. A gift that we all cannot be thankful for enough. Although not every series was as good as others, Star Trek deserves to get all the praise and appreciation. The cast of every series was different as well. But the theme of all of them remained the same.

The X-Files

Star Trek and The X-Files were one of their kind shows. The X-Files could have easily made it to the monster of the week series due to the FBI agents that it stars. I would give this series the due credit for a thought-provoking and interesting mythology. The two lead characters that the series introduced the fans to need appreciation as well.

The Prisoner

This 60s series was something out of this world with its striking and surreal imagery. Considering that it premiered in the 60s, the details were amazing. The series revolves around Cold War politics. It also features some cool futuristic production design that you’d seen in The Jetsons. Not to forget that the era in which The Prisoner got released was a time when people did not take television as an art form. And to come up with a series like this in that time while also managing to leave a mark on peoples’ minds was nothing less than genius. All praise to Patrick McGoohan for this masterpiece.

Doctor Who

This is the longest-running Sci-Fi show in the history of TV. Not including it in the list would be an injustice to the show. What originated as a cheesy show soon evolved into an epic Sci-Fi. BBC is pouring huge amounts of the budget in keeping the show running. And all for good. I love the show. If you haven’t watched it as yet, please do.

With that, my recommendations come to an end and it is time for me to dial Spectrum and find out about this latest news of free Internet. You too should do some research if you want to binge on Sci-Fi shows during these lockdown days


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