Things To Know Before FE CIVIL Exam Preparation

FE exam is known as the Fundamental of Engineering exam. It is the exam that one aspirant needs to pass to become a professional engineer. The FE examination is done in two main stages. The first one is the Engineering Intern (EI) exam, and the other review is the principle and practice of Engineering Examination. The exam is open to any engineering or related fields. This exam is practiced in the United States for an EAC/ABET-accredited program.

The FE exam consists of 110 questions that are conducted for 5 hours and 20 minutes. It has a 25 minutes break included. Each issue takes an average of 2.9 minutes to solve. The exam is given in a computer-based process. There are two sessions where each session contains about half of the total problem. The question is of multiple-choice and is based on the NCEES examine guide. There are other formats also like clicking of figures, graphs, or drag ad drip or fill in the blanks.

If we come to the point of how much time one should spend on Fe civil exam prep, then it depends on how much fresh material you have. If you are a good student and have scored good marks in your college exams, then you have 8-16 hours of study that could be enough. If you have left college for a long time, then you go for 40-80 hours. The most important thing is to understand the concepts and know-how to apply them in the right question. Try to solve the issue within time.

1) If you are an aspirant for the FE exam, especially for civil, you must get your hands on the civil engineering reference manual by Lindeburg. While preparing for the public FE exam apart from studying the Fe civil exam prep books, you must follow other points to help you succeed in the exam.

2) Review the Fe civil exam prep handbook.

If you’re well in your concepts, then it is a must that you must go through the practice sets. Even before the exam, if you want to review something about the topic, you must have a handbook that will guide you with charts, formulas, and graphs.

3) Look over the FE exam requirements and specifications

This is the most crucial point that you must follow. Never forget your essential things to take with you on the exam. Make yourself ready before the exam day. Get clear with your registration time, and the required calculator. Have a look over the exam rules and regulations before you join the exam.

Things To Know Before FE CIVIL Exam Preparation
Things To Know Before FE CIVIL Exam Preparation

4) Scheduled your exam date strategically

We recommend you start preparing for your exam in four months so that at least, you can go for more time and give yourself a clarification about the topic.

5) Now the most important thing that you could follow is to practice

If you get acquainted with the question and their types, then the main exam will be cheery on the top. It’s not a matter that which stream you choose for the review; maybe it is FE civil, FE Mechanical, FE electrical, or any other all you need to get is practice.

When you look for a subject more than 10-15 times, it automatically gets you familiar with it. If you get to answer the practice test correctly, you can confirm that you are prepared for the exam. If you struggle with yourself in the practice test, try to get yourself more time in the tricky part that you consider.

6) The most vital thing you can do while preparing for the FE exam goes for a Fe civil exam prep course.

Registering yourself in the Fe civil exam prep course is another helpful way to make yourself. The school and preparation course helps you to build the base, and you get to know the main points in the topics. The everyday test helps you to analyze yourself. And thus, in this process, you became successful.

7) While you go for appearing civil FE exam

You must remember the passing score is 70. A scaled score of 70 is required to clear the exam. That does not mean you have to do 70% of the questions, but you must give the correct answer nearly up to 70%.

8) As an engineering student

You must get familiar with your calculator. As in the approved list of NCEES, you need to get familiar with the functions of the calculator. The calculator can help you in solving some problems related to integrals, matrices, derivatives, and the probability that may be in your questions. To take full advantage of the calculator and save your time.

9) As an aspirant for the FE examination

You must have test-taking strategies. You need to manage time for the 110 questions. If you get stuck in any item, do not spend your time there, skip and flag the problem for review and move to the next.

After completing all the questions, you can come back to those particular questions for a solution. Once you submit your first half of the problem, then there is no moving back. Search for the formula after you get the question. Try to solve it within 2 -3 minutes because of the overall time you can spend on one issue.


Hopefully, from this article, you can learn some points that you could remember while going to give an exam. You must have planned already going on your mind, utilize the same, and follow our strategies. This will definitely lead you to succeed. Do not panic about the number of questions or time; you can clear the exam within a fixed time. Get yourself the best plan, study smartly, and you can crack the exam in your first attempt. Good luck.


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