Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Car Regularly

Are you facing problems in maintaining your car regularly? You don’t need to worry anymore. Here we will help you, we will guide you how you can maintain your car regularly and make its life long. We know very well it is a very difficult task to clean and wash the car on a daily basis, but the tips we will tell here are ultimate, if you use them for once in a week then we are pretty sure your car will remain with you and be your journey partner for a long time. The tips we are sharing are approved by the company offering best Car Modification Services St. Augustine Park FL.

1 Change Car’s Oil Once a Month

Oil is like blood in the heart of your car engine. It acts as a lubricant, preventing important engine parts from rubbing and damaging the engine. Engine oil that is not changed regularly can damage the engine, as accumulated pollutants can cause friction and rub the parts. What kind of oil should be used, conventional or synthetic? Synthetic oil costs twice as much as the price of conventional or non-synthetic oils, but also lasts twice as much as conventional engine oils with its superior formula that resists degradation in extreme temperature environments. Instead of requiring an oil change every 3 months, many drivers can extend this maintenance schedule by up to 5 or 6 months, reducing the amount of oil and oil filters that should be recycled each year.

2. Regularly Inspect Car Battery

All the electrical components of your car like engine, AC and so on need electricity to keep running. A battery supplies that electricity to the components. A battery should last several years without problems, but if not properly cared for, its service life can be greatly reduced. Proper care of the car battery should include proper cleaning and charging. If it is a dry battery, keep it well charged when driving and if it is a liquid battery, check its water. You should also resist the temptation to use accessories such as high voltage sound systems for long periods without starting the engine. If possible, check battery water levels regularly and if you do not drive for long periods, disconnect the battery or keep it in good condition by turning on the vehicle for some time or using a solar charger. If you can’t check it on your own then you can hire best Car Modification Services St. Augustine Park FL. This car service is really qualified and professional

3. Check Your Tires Twice a week

Tires are the most important part of a vehicle. If we say the tires keep the car moving on any surface, it won’t be wrong. The tires are built to withstand heavy loads, extreme braking and speeds, adverse weather conditions and even rough terrain. But the strength of your tires depends on the proper care provided by the owners. The best way to keep your tires in good condition and last longer, there are a few things you can do. Keep your tires properly inflated, pay special attention to seasonal changes, and rotate regularly as specified by the manufacturer. Correct vehicle alignment is also necessary for prolonged tire use. Use a quality tire sealant, if your tire has some, repair it as soon as possible, otherwise it will damage the tire. This will ensure maximum durability of each tire without premature wear becoming a problem.

4. Modify your Windshield Wipers

Having high-quality wipers helps the units stay safe on the road. When rain, snow and dirt splash on the windshield and your vision is blurred or sometimes even blocked and you can seriously endanger yourself and other drivers. Not to mention that all of this dirt and debris becomes irritating and makes you lose focus too. That’s why it’s important to update your wipers from time to time to ensure safer and more enjoyable journeys. Keeping cleaning products fresh and in good condition will ensure you don’t have blurred vision. Professional mechanics, especially auto modification services. Jacksonville recommends replacing the wipers for routine maintenance.

5. Regular Check on Brakes

If you are traveling at 145 kilometers per hour and want to slow down or stop the car immediately, you will need to press the brake. A good brake can play a vital role in an emergency. To keep the brakes in tip-top shape and get them to work properly at all times, a thorough brake check is required. To increase the life of the brake pads or shoes, apply the brakes correctly, do not apply insensitive braking, if the braking is excessive, replace the brake pad after each interval specified by the manufacturer. Take your vehicle to a professional mechanic and ask him to check the rotors and calipers. Drivers who accelerate and brake sharply not only waste gas and increase their cars’ emissions, but they also knock down the brakes more quickly, which is just a waste of money. By allowing the vehicle to come to a gradual stop, you need to program when you release the throttle or lower the manual gearbox to significantly reduce brake wear. Your driving style also directly affects your brakes and tires.


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