Use The Cheat Engine To Cheat Any Game

To cheat in the game We have to first download and install cheat engine in our PC and we need an Android emulator like BlueStacks to install in our PC to play and the android games using our pc then we have to install cheat engine and then you have to click here on yes. And then next And select I accept the agreement and next and next Okay, and check it I have read the privacy policy and then next install no This is the cheat engine panel and we can change the score of the game using code vein cheat engine and we have to change few settings from here.

So, we can see that the setting option. We have to click here on settings And then there are many settings general settings, tools, hot keys and first we have to go to The option Java and we have to click here, show Java menu item even if the target process has not loded So, we have to check it and and then we have to go to extra and then we have to check the first two Query memory region routing read and write process memory This too and then we have to select this one scan settings And we have to check the second one, don’t scan memory that is protected with no cache option.

You have to check it And then we also have to check it this one the last one MEM MAPPED memory that is mapped into the view of a section To check it And once these three settings is done on Java on extra and then on it can sitting we have to Just click here to okay. To save the settings So the settings are okay now we have to now click here on and now we have to click here on the selected process to open and then from here we have to select the physical memory this one and we have to click here to open it And Here it is open and we have to put value here, that is from our game.

So let’s play the game So now I will play a games on the BlueStacks So, we have opened the hill climb racing game and we can see that On the hill climb racing game if we try to change our vehicle – we have to unlock them suppose for motocross bike we need 75000 coins to unlock it and now currently we have 0 coin and for monster truck. We need one lakh coins and for tractor we need one lakh and for hippie van, we need one lakh twenty thousand coins.

So, First we will start play the game and we’ll get some coin suppose Over hundred coins and then we will use the cheat engine to cheat the coin and increase that Over one lakh coins and then we will just unlock these vehicles. So, let’s play the first one and we have to click here on start So we will press here on gas to accelerate the speed We will get some corn And now we have scored and we have collected 7180 coins so we have to put the value 7180 into the cheat engine.

So let’s put it We will put here 7180 and then we will click here on fast scan And it will scan all the value of 7180 from the physical memory So the value is scanned so now let’s play the game again and his score let’s start And We will press the gas to accelerate the speed and we get some coins again And now our new score is 8380 so we’ll put it on the cheat engine 8380 . So we will click here on next scan We double click at the address to put it on the active description option And we will click here again two times.

Now we have to double click here at the value here And we have to change the value with how much we want let’s suppose eight eight eight three Two one three four five six seven eight nine Suppose this is the value. And let’s copy it and then okay and both of the value has changed So this is the value now And we will click here to save it save it And now let’s open the BlueStacks again and check this one I have read and accept the end user license Then OK.

Okay, so we we can see that the value is changed And let’s have few more of the coins So you can see the coin amount now. It is so big! You can see the coin score is now this. And we can unlock the vehicle now this one Let’s double click it and now let’s give the 75,000 coins to unlock it and it is unlocked And now let’s unlock it Now, let’s give one lack coins and unlock it And now, let’s give it one lack coins to unlock it. Let’s unlock it That’s how you can unlock any vehicle you want by using so much coins, so this is the way So in this way, you can use the cheat engine to cheat in any game to get more points, let’s try this one Okay, now I’m playing with the bus So, that’s the way to cheat in a game using cheat engine


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