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What Everyone Must Know About 10 Home items you can reuse over again

Since EPA’s reduce, recycle, reduce campaign many people have adopted recyclable methods. People take reusable bags with them to the grocery shop, there have been plastic bag bans in cities and people are becoming familiar with their ecological footprints. The Earth Day Network released the Footprint Calculator which shows that there is more to be done so that we can consume less. You can also save money by reusing items in your home and hiring a skip hire company like SkipBag to dispose of un-reusable waste. The following is a list of ten items that you can reuse many times over.

1. Containers, glass jars or cans

Metal and glass can be easily recycled you can cut down on excessive packaging and reuse them. Old coffee containers and glass jars can be used for pantry items, bathroom containers, or desk organizers. Mason jars can be reused in a million ways beyond canning food. You can also create display shelved out of coffee cans.

2.Plastic soda bottles, gallon jugs, takeout, and other plastic items

Despite using these items to store natural cleaners for the house you can turn them into items like a plastic bottle broom. An old bottle of soda can make a bird feeder other items that you can use are shoe cubbies, food bins. You can also use plastic jugs to make scoops and dustpans. A shampoo bottle can also make a watering seed pot. The take out containers should also not be thrown away many can be used as dishwashers in the kitchen.

3.Magazines, newspapers, and paper bags

You can use many ways to repurpose all paper in your life. You can create amazing woven trays and baskets out of newspapers and magazines. You can recycle grocery bags, magazines, and newspapers as wrapping paper. You can also make compostable seed pots and use old calendars to make DIY envelopes. You can also use paper bags to make wood-like flooring.

4.Towels, clothes, and beddings

Do not throw away these items. You can cut them up into rags that you can use for cleaning. Torn shirts can be made into elegant braided rugs. Old flannels can be sewed into reusable dusters.


You can let your veggies produce seeds after their growing seasons and store them for the next planting season.

6.Laundry waste

Do not throw away old drier sheets they can make useful dusting rags for sucking pet hair. They are good for polishing chrome and scrubbing soap scum. If you are determined you can convert them into a dress. You can take the lint from the dryer to make a paper match or recyclable paper and also seed pots.

7.Plastic bags

When the cereal box is empty you can wash and dry the inner bag and cut it to wrap sandwiches. Plastic bags can be used as waste bags for pets or reuse them as trash bins. They can also be upgraded into reusable grocery totes.

8.Bathroom materials

Old toothbrushes can be used to clean hard to reach places such as under fixtures and grout. Toothbrushes can also be used as eyebrow brushes, applicators for hair color and for cleaning electronics. Toothpaste tubes can be cut at the bottom to make a funnel or a frosting tube to ice cakes. You can refill empty deodorant tubes.

9.Broken dishes

You can use broken porcelain to retile outdoor tables, paths, flower pots, or a boundary for your garden. You can also use broken china to make jewelry. You can also use broken coffee mugs to plant small herbs.

10.Unused furniture

You can repair or refinish old furniture instead of throwing them away. You can repurpose or disassemble old unwanted furniture and reuse the wood. You can also hang drawers on the wall to make shadow boxes, shelves, or bulletin boards.

With a little creativity, you can cut down on the ecological footprint and save your money. You should check out for home items that you can recycle and reuse. The rest of the garbage can be taken by a rubbish removal company in skip bags.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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