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What is Twitch? Pepega and More

If you are not a digital native or a video game fan, you have probably never heard of the Twitch platform.

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Do not be alarmed; it is very common in this era to hear words that seem strange to us or that we do not have the remotest idea of ​​what they refer to.

So in this article, we wanted to talk about a platform with millions of users, in this case, streamers, and which has ended up becoming a popular online service to watch and transmit video broadcasts, Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Before anything, it is convenient to define what Twitch is.

If you have heard anything about this platform, you undoubtedly think that it is a live video game broadcasting platform. But let’s also see how Wikipedia defines it:

Twitch (also known as is a platform that offers a live video streaming service owned by Featured on August 8, as a by-product of another general-interest streaming platform,, the site primarily focuses on video games, including user-played game playthroughs, eSports broadcast, and other related events. The videogames. The content of the website can be seen live or on-demand”.

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The truth is that this platform is already one of the largest traffic sources in North America and this year, it seems that it is beginning to be so in Europe too, so let’s see how it works and other things you should know about it streaming platform.

Five things you should know about Twitch

  • In 2011 it was born exclusively to watch and broadcast videos solely focused on video games.
  • However, it has ended up expanding and now also includes broadcasts on the creation of works of art, music, television shows, etc.
  • In 2014 Amazon took over Twitch.
  • It has more than two million unique users monthly, of which more than 17,000 use it to earn money.
  • You can earn money with Twitch through the Twitch Partner program or through donations, a service that offers additional features such as paid subscriptions and ad placement.

How Twitch Works

Now that we have caught up and know what Twitch is let’s see how it works.

To watch Twitch streams, you can do it through two means and without even needing to create an account: the official Twitch website or through one of the many formal applications that exist so you can watch videos from practically any device.

However, it is recommended to create an account so that you can add your favorite channels to a watch list and participate in the chat room.

If you decide to try this platform, we will be happy to tell you about your experience by leaving us a comment. We hope we have been helpful.

Twitch App

The Twitch application is available on multiple devices and allows content to be viewed more user-friendly. The Twitch app for Windows and macOS can be downloaded from the Twitch website itself.

We can also access Twitch content via mobile. The Twitch app for Android and iOS is available from the Google Store and App Store, respectively.

The design of the Twitch mobile app is very intuitive and helps you connect to your favorite channel on the platform. We show you how the Twitch app works.

The upper part has a search engine and a dropdown menu that will guide you through the platform.

The dropdown lets you connect to live content, a selection of custom content, and a Twitch browser.

The Twitch interface offers the most featured, or with the most viewers, content right now on the platform.

If you’re subscribed to any channel and have notifications turned on, Twitch Alerts will notify you every time your favorite streamer goes live on Twitch.

The Twitch app has many advantages over access on the web since you only need a good internet connection to enjoy live content at all times.

LVP channels and content on Twitch

The Professional Video Game League or LVP is the leading Spanish competition in Esports. The LVP organizes the most important electronic sports competitions in our country. The Orange Super League, Challenger Series, or the Call of Duty Cup are some of Spain’s most outstanding competitions.

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All these competitions are broadcast live through the LVP channels:

LVPes: League of Legends Superliga Orange, LEC (European LoL competition), among others. League of Legends is the king of platform sport.

LVPes2: CS: GO and Call of Duty Superliga Orange

LVPes3: Clash Royale Superliga Orange

LVPlas: electronic sports broadcast from Argentina, Chile, and Peru

LVPcol: you can see the Golden League in Colombia (League of Legends competition)

The broadcast of these competitions is followed by a large number of users. The League of Legends World Cup Final on the LVP main channel exceeded 80,000 viewers. And the figures continue to increase day after day in Spain.


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