What To Do Next After Relocating Your Office ?

The concerns of office relocations bother every business owner whether it is a big company with a spacious workplace or a startup with a small workforce. Right from finding the right moving company to planning the entire move, office administration takes responsibility to get the relocation done within the given timeframe & budget. Before getting started with any shifting process, packers & movers visit the customer’s locations so that they can make all necessary arrangements & plan the move to the new facility.

Generally, the process of corporate relocation is progressed in phases. Most packers and movers plan office shifting one or two weeks earlier from the scheduled moving day. You must hire a reliable relocation service provider to get trained, licensed, & professional packers and movers for these tasks:

Packing: All goods will be packed separately, appropriately, & safely with packing material of the best quality. The list of packing supplies includes bubble wraps, transparent poly wraps, cardboard boxes, newspapers, packing tape, scissors, & other packaging stuff required for keeping your belongings safe.

Loading: Since packages moved during the office relocations are very delicate and fragile, your packers and movers will be extra careful while handling all goods & loading them to the pickup vehicle. Items like desktops, installed workstations, air conditions, fans, & various electronic devices are prone to suffer damages & that’s why shifting personnel loads them cautiously.

Transportation: After arranging all the items safely in the loading truck, the shifting crew will transport your goods securely to the destined location. You can also take regular updates from truck drivers & concerned shifting personnel as they need to stay alert throughout the shipping process.

Unloading & unpacking: After reaching the location, packers and movers will again get back to their job. The last phase of shifting includes unloading & unpacking of goods right to the new workplace. All packages must be loaded safely and unpacked in your presence.

When the job of shifting the company ends, the real task of an office administrator begins right after relocating to the new facility. Here are the next steps you need to take to settle down at the new office:

Things to do after moving to the new workplace

Visit your old workplace & take photographs: To ensure that all things are moved to the new place, you must visit the old facility and inspect the office space. Once all the goods are moved to the new place, you must take pictures of the old office area so that you can get an idea about all the damaged things that you need to get repaired after their relocation has been done.

Note meter readings of both old and new workplaces: The foremost thing to do after moving to the new office is to check the meter readings so that you can start with the new billing cycle at your new office. Similarly, don’t forget to note down the meter readings before leaving the previous work so that you can clear dues in advance. This will help you in keeping records while making bill payments in the future.

Help to shift team in unpacking goods at your new place: Even though the removal of packing material used for the safety of your belongings will be done by packers and movers, you can help them in keeping all the unpacked kinds of stuff together to avoid delay in their work. Most shifting companies charge customers for providing packing supply but in case if your packers and movers are using their material then need to return them to the crew once the shifting process is done.

Inspect the items that have been relocated: Since a lot of things are meant to be moved from your office, you must keep a track on each of them by making an inventory list. In this way, you can easily check if all packages are shifted or not once your packer and movers claim that all goods have been delivered to your new facility. In case of any item goes missing, you can ask your shifting company without any delay.

Make a list of do’s and don’t s for office employees: Office relocations are not all about relocating equipment, it’s about moving to a new place with your existing workforce. Make a to-do-list for all employees and inform them about the move in advance so that they can wrap up their work for avoiding delays in project delivery. Also, office administration must ensure that the new workplace is equipped with all the facilities of hygiene, power saving, security, food, & other arrangements needed.

Involve office employees in post-move procedures: Let your employees know all the necessary steps and facilities available at the new office. You can even assign tasks to each team member so that all things can be rearranged smoothly without creating any mess and stress. This will save a lot of time and effort in getting things back to the same track.

All the steps mentioned in this blog will let you prepare about things you can do post office relocation. All office admins must follow these steps to relocate safely with zero stress, mess, & unnecessary delays. It is suggested to hire expert packers and movers for corporate shifting as only professionals can ensure the safety of your valuable goods.


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