Flowers Are The Best That Expresses The Emotion You Feel

It has been ages since a flower is the best gift for anyone and everyone. No matter what the occasion is, flowers still beat all gifts in expressing true emotions. This festive make it extra special by sending your loved ones a special birthday flower. However, before that, you must know what each flower has to express. Every flower has a message to communicate or resemble and we bring you all of these here so that it makes it easier for you to send birthday flowers to any part of the world.

Let us have a look at each flower and its hidden message:

  • Rose 

Hidden meaning: Represents love. The roses are thought to be a million years old and it was used in medicines and perfumery items.

However, the hidden message of this flower surprises you with its most sensual expression. The flower represents love.

But that is not all, it has many other emotions to express. Depending upon the color of the rose, the meaning varies.

However, many people agree that roses symbolize love and happiness, sympathy, friendship, and much more.

Each color of the rose represents a different emotion, yellow stands for friendship. So if you wish to send a message of friendship, the yellow rose is the best choice.

  • Lilly 

Hidden Meaning: Death and sorrow. The white lily represents the virgin Mary in Christianity.

However, so is the hidden message of the flower that depicts death and sorrow. Lilies can be given as sympathy flowers during the funeral.

Many people agree to give it on birthday as well to wish loved ones. This is because it also represents life and hope.

Thus, it shows that the lily is no more just a flower of death or sorrow but also a flower of life and celebration.

  • Chrysanthemums 

Hidden Meaning: Optimism and joy. Chrysanthemum represents joy and Optimism. But on the other hand, it also represents grief or death. In Italy, this flower expresses the emotion of wishing for one who is not alive.

Despite it being associated with sorrow or death, in many parts of the world this flower is believed to be the symbol of friendship, happiness, and love.

  • Carnations 

Hidden Meaning: Love, happiness, and friendship. This one is one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers which also represents the flower of love.

Apart from this the flower showers upon happiness and friendship. The different colors of carnations represent the different messages.

White carnation brings in good luck whereas pink carnation brings mother love to you or you can say, romantic love. To send romantic flowers, carnation can be the best choice.

  • Tulips 

Hidden Meaning: Royalty and cheerfulness. The tulip is declared the flower of love and passion. However, it too represents lots of emotions depending upon its color.

A purple tulip represents the message of royalty while the other hand, another color flower represents a different meaning like cheerfulness, forgiveness, and much more.

The Tulips are best to gift on the occasion of anniversary, birthday, and congratulations. It has always shown us to be the flower of happiness and positivity.

  • Sunflowers 

 Hidden Meaning: Happiness, positivity. The Sunflower as its beauty speaks is the flower of happiness and positivity. Apart from this, the sunflower also represents positivity, adoration, and loyalty.

Seeing this flower there is an essence of positivity. One surely feels happy and positive, which makes this flower loved by everyone. There is much more you can consider with sunflower and its beauty. It is still used for many purposes. So are its seeds.

  • Daffodils 

Hidden Meaning: Spring and new life. Daffodils when introduced were known to have healing power. However, in China, it is said to bring good luck and fortune. To this, the hidden message of bringing new life is very much true.

This flower has always been the symbol of creativity and spring. It is said that the flower is also a sign of forgiveness. It has mixed emotions as per the human assumptions. Many take it as a flower of happiness while some call it a flower of forgiveness.

There is both positive and negative feeling that represents this flower. Back from his history, we can say that daffodil is the flower of spring and new life that definitely brings good luck to you.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.
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