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Home Furniture Models 2020 Trends

Are you looking for the latest trend of furniture models for home decoration? So, would you like to know what will be the 2020 furniture trends?

We all know the role of furniture in home decoration. By choosing the right furniture models, you not only complete the decoration of your home but also determine the style of decoration. Whatever the trends, the most important thing when choosing furniture is that it appeals to your personal taste and makes you feel good.

Like all branches of design, furniture design trends are constantly changing and renewing. Whether you are decorating your home from scratch or making a few furniture changes in the living room, you can easily choose from hundreds of furniture models inspired by 2020 furniture design trends.

Home furniture decoration models The highlights of the 2020 trends are briefly as follows: Curved form sofa sets, specially designed furniture, metal details, natural materials, handmade accessories, colorful and ambitious furniture designs … will come to the fore. Here are 2020 trends of home furniture decoration models predicted by architects, designers, and furniture companies:

2020 Furniture Models

Curvilinear Forms

Angular furniture is now out of fashion in 2020. Sofa sets and other lounge furniture replace modern sharp lines in curvilinear forms. This change will take us until the 60s and 70s. In particular, curved sofas and seating groups with soft lines will come to the fore. This year, places have an elegant and romantic atmosphere.

Special Design and Handmade Furniture

The value of craftsmanship will finally be known! Recently, people began to realize that they were bored with uniform furniture when artisans were becoming extinct. And he went into search for an alternative. Thanks to the internet and social media, we have been able to access handmade and specially designed items much easier.

Thus, we were freed from being stuck to the standards of fabricated products. Now we can easily make the most suitable designs for our house and taste. Based on this, many new boutique furniture companies have appeared recently. As a result, people will demand unique and exclusive furniture designs this year.

Antiques and Traditional Items

In design, interest in the past increases every year. Traditional and modern pieces will be used together this year when the eclectic trend will increase in decoration. This means you can make your personal touches to your homes. You will no longer have to sacrifice the things you love because the style of this does not suit this. So you can use the old and the new together unless you overdo it.

In fact, this is also related to changing attitudes towards the environment and consumption. Whether aesthetically or spiritually, try to give more space to old and traditional items in your home this year.

Sculptural Furniture

Art, craft and design are melting in the same pot and bear fruit in the furniture industry. These design disciplines, which are very close to each other, meet in decoration. Sculptural and iconic furniture designs, which are works of art, are among the leading roles in 2020 decoration trends. Wood, ceramic, metal, leather and colorful fabrics turn into functional works of art that serve a purpose in creative hands. The trend towards the use of unusual and unique furniture pieces will increase this year. And the houses will turn into art galleries.

2020 Furniture Materials

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

People who love to touch nature and enjoy open spaces lived! Like other natural materials, wicker and rattan became very popular in 2020. Wicker and rattan furniture that we usually see in the gardens will enter the houses this year. This year, when indoor and outdoor intermingles, natural and unprocessed materials, home furniture and accessories will be used in abundance. Of course, this means that healthier, durable, and long-lasting furniture will be produced.

Metal Details

This year, metal details come to the fore both in decoration and furniture designs. Especially the furniture and accessories, where we will see plenty of brass details, will add elegance and sparkle to the houses. Also, using different metals such as brass, silver, and gold together in decoration is very popular this year. Do not forget to add sparkle to your homes with metal legs, center tables, and metal-framed bookcases.

More Wood

Another material that will explode this year, according to interior designers and designers, is wood. The usage area of wood, which has been popular for the last few years, is expanding further. Wood will be an important part of the decoration, as well as furniture, home accessories, and walls. This year, dark shades of wood will be paired with stone and marble, adding luxury and elegance to the spaces. This timeless and sustainable material will conquer our hearts this year with the combination of warmth and quality at home.

And Leather

Leather sofa models, where you can find the neutral color palette and earth tones, which are among the decoration trends of 2020, show themselves in the decoration of this year. However, you should be careful to choose leather seats for rounded soft seats instead of corners and hard ones. You can catch a trendy elegance in your living room by using leather in sofa sets, armchairs, and chairs.


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