How Investment Saved me from Falling into a Debt Trap?

Being a born British, I always thought of one question. 

It wasn’t the philosophical kind. It wasn’t a question relating to my existence on Earth and its purpose. 

It was a relatively reasonable question of the financial nature that could change the fate of a person’s bank balance. 

The question was: 

How to invest money in the UK?

The answer to this question is very complicated since there are a lot of avenues to invest your money in. 

  • You can invest in shares;
  • You can invest in bonds;
  • You can buy property as an investment; 
  • You can even open a Fixed-term Deposit Account.

If I am sincere, I wanted to invest in all of them. However, I did not do that because it would have meant fewer returns since I only had a limited investment amount.

So, I invested in two of the platforms in the investment. I’ll keep you guessing as to what they were.

Why I invested?

So far, we have discussed that investment has become an important question that needs an answer. 

However, this notion makes me wonder about a whole other question. 

And that is why investment has become so important?

Why are people compelled to invest today?

I am not sure about what pushed you to do the same, but I will tell you my reasons. And there were plenty of them.

Personal Reasons

Every person has a few people in his life that impact and influences him in a way that is not comprehensible, yet they do. 

In my life, these people included my family and my friends.

  •  Ever since my father started earning an income, wherein he could save, he started investing. He invested in the business, he invested in land, and he even invested in mutual funds, the risky domain of investment.

          After he turned 50, his investments were giving him returns that were more than his monthly salary. So he retired and has now been travelling the world because of the decisions he made in the past.

  • They were my friends, their investment journey may not have been as positive as my dad, but they were still faring very well and making more money than I was. And when all of your friends do something which you don’t, you are bound to feel left out.

 Financial Reasons

Apart from the influence of my father and friends, I also knew that investing had a lot of financial benefits.

  •  For one, the constant returns meant more income. This would help in battling the ever-rising inflation more than just the primary income can.
  •  Secondly, I am a businesswoman. My income is always fluctuating. Some months I earn so much, I could take four months’ rent from it, and in other months, I barely make enough to pay a month’s rent. The income from my investments helped give me the stability of the financial sense.

Now, you know why I started putting my money on some of the best business investment opportunities in the UK.

How Investments Helped Me?

Like I have already told you, I am a businesswoman. My operations revolved around manufacturing; however, I did not manufacture for the end consumer. I did such other businesses, who could not take up manufacturing. 

I dealt with producing goods that we made of plastic, but the decomposable kind. Some even called it the organic plastic. It was an expensive technology that not every business could afford. 

So my business was bound to face some problems when the majority of my clients started shifting their production process to countries like China and India. These were nations, where the benefits of cheap labour and manufacturing process appeal to them more than my business ever could.

The losses did not happen overnight, but still, they were brutal. There was a point in my business when I only had one client, and that is it.

The Overhaul

I knew I needed to make a complete overhaul, and my investments helped me in doing that. 

Every change that a business undergoes is a change that costs money. 

  •  You can either ask an investor to invest his money;
  • Or you can become your investor by liquidating your investments and investing the same in the business.

I took the latter choice.

I had invested in a residential area, so I sold the property and got enough money to make the necessary changes. I had also invested in government bonds, but I did not sell them just yet. I knew I might need them in the future. 

I took out all my machinery and installed the newer versions that would be far more economical for me and consequently, my clients.

In the Nutshell

What I told you may seem easy, but it isn’t. Buying land and selling it is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. I had invested hundreds and thousands on the property and losing that investment does feel like a setback.

But two years after the installation, my business has flourished ten times. I am planning to buy a new home for myself and my family and I have never been happier.


Joyce is Managing Editor overseeing the coverage of Senonches.

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