Top 8 Best Motivational Songs of Bollywood

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We’ve created a list of some of Hindi’s best motivational tracks. There are numerous examples this music will help you in the greatest possible way. One, when you’re at the gym, you should listen to the motivational song. Now you may wonder, how will this help? These songs will give you a boost and you’ll feel even more energetic about staying fit. They’ll push you to the limit.

You may also name them uplifting songs, as they shift your mood in any low situation to nice. Those songs will help you find a new motive to stay happy when you’re sad. Those songs will improve your multifold joy when you’re happy.

  1.     ALL IS WELL (3 IDIOTS)

Shaan, SevanandKirkre, and Sonu Nigam who gave this beautiful song its meaning. You have to be positive. Life comes with a whole host of problems. Don’t let the opinion be optimistic. That’s my favorite Bollywood Hindi song for motivation.


The song’s words mean what we want to do, and we will. By the burden of society, we will not alter. This song is a very heartfelt song to us all. This song is best suited for those seeking to bring about change in society. You have to hear that incredible song in our Best Inspiring Bollywood Songs list.


The song describes the famous cricketer Azhaar ‘s journey. The song was given a voice by KK. This is the best Hindi motivational song for those wishing to achieve the goal. We all have certain goals in our lives. Focus on the target. If you’re willing to succeed in our lives, surely listen to this song.

  1.     LUCK AAZMA (LUCK)

Sukhwinder Singh’s strong and enlivening voice is part of the song. You are ready to take life risk. Do not feel afraid of missing it. You ‘re afraid of losing before you fight, then you’re just a loser. Nobody can be of help to you. This song certainly wakes you up and motivates you to work harder to achieve success.


Most admired and critically praised film. The song is chanted by Ravi Mahadevan. The meaning behind the song is that we should open up our minds to the blockages. Brush up your qualifications. Start doing something new and creative. Focus on your passion and be with it like the leading character Darshan Safari does the same.


How could I miss this pretty song? This is simply impossible. Evergreen singer KK is the vocalist in this motivational album. While the song’s lyrics depict an aspirant’s struggle to reach his goal. It is to you my humble petition. Listen to this song just once. Definitely it will bring a smile to your face. That is my promise. I hear the song many times a day, personally


Hema Sardesai gives the song its melodic voice. Indian Hockey team has chosen to be part of the international contest. Teams are very pleased to achieve such a big achievement. This song brings out the vulnerability to the war. To get into such a large competition seems like a dream to them.


This is the song that I know most inspirationally. It is definitely Shankar Mahadevan’s best work and his squad. This song is the best example of setting a goal in life, at any cost. If this song has no place in your playlist you shouldn’t be a true aspirant. This is one of the most famous Bollywood Inspirational Songs.