5 Most Popular Essay Contests

The Discovery of the internet and digital platform has been a blessing for science and evolution. With the help of this, we are innovating things now and then. Humans are talented, they possess various common and uncommon creativity. And one of them is writing. But often, these talents remain hidden due to non-exposure. The digital platform is trying to come up with different writing contests and columns where enthusiasts around the whole world can participate and share their talents with the whole world. These essay contests are of two types, inter-country and international. Based on authentic review resources reports, here are the 5 most popular essay contests on digital platforms.


1) International Essay Contest for Young People- This is one of the most precious writing competitions around the globe annually. This contest is arranged by the renowned Goi Peace Foundation, every year where people from every corner of the world can participate. This year, they have come up with another innovative theme, like all other years- “A Letter to Myself in 2030”.

2) MichelsonIP Udemy Learner Writing Contest: This is another international platform that is a bit advance as it mainly gives writers topics on intellectuality and creativity- a perfect blend. It is organized by Michelson IP Udemy. Every year the topic is set in such a way that it attract more and more participation. Essays have to be in the range of 500-800 word. This contest is quite popular and participated by writing lovers. Prizes in the form of cash, gift hampers, coupons sponsored by various companies and corporations are given to the selected three winners.

3) 2020 Young Writers Contest: This is a wider platform for writing enthusiasts because it is not bound only within essays. The website – ‘Writing for Peace’ has put forth for the 2020 Young Writers Contest. There are three categories- fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The non-fiction part has a word limit of 800-1000 2words essays.

4) Monomousumi Monthly International Essay Contest: Since May 2018, Monomousumi has never left a single month to conduct the International Essay Contest. The reason it has become one of the most trustworthy and reputed digital platforms exploring new writers. There are two categories- below 18 years and above 18 years. The essay result is announced in the first week of every month and the winners get distinctive cash prize, trophies and mementos; every participant gets an e-certificate. Not just that, the best part is the winner writings are published in reputed magazines, websites, books, and e-books. This is a very encouraging part. Another achievement of this site is that they are exploring brilliant writers from the interiors of different countries where people could never have the courage to put trust in online platforms.

5) Dhai Akhar Letter Writing Competition 2020: This is a unique platform that promotes annual letter-writing competitions. In this world of digital gadgets, this age-old traditional classic communication system is almost on the verge of extinction.

Participate and show your writing talents!


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