How To Install Showbox On Windows And Other Android Apps

I’m gonna show you how to install any Android application or any android apk on your Windows PC and right now as you can see I’m on a Windows laptop and guys same steps that I will show you here can be carried out on a MacBook also so if you want to do it on a MacBook, install android applications on macbook you can of course follow this tutorial and now let me go ahead and show you how to install android apks Android applications on your Windows PC. But let me tell you that you cannot install and use the application like AR zone App, I hope you know what is AR zone App.

So as you can see right now I’m on the desktop of my Windows laptop the home screen and from here you need to open your browser it can be your internet explorer your Google Chrome and for me I’m gonna open Google Chrome then double click on it so it opens up my Google Chrome and in here I need to go on to the address blue so once this website opens up and this is the software that we are going to use in which we will install the Android applications.

It shows you this download button here through which you can download the BlueStacks application and it automatically detects your operating system so you can see it shows for Windows and similarly if you are doing this tutorial on a macbook it will automatically detect that you need BlueStacks for MacBook and you just need  to click here so I’m on a windows laptop and it automatically detected it and I’m gonna click on download BlueStacks here so I clicked on it and right now you can see it’s downloading the application.

We need to wait a little while there you go it’s about to finish the download so the file has been downloaded and I can also access the files right from here or I can just going to my downloads by clicking on these three dots and then I’m gonna go on downloads tab and here is the BlueStacks file that I downloaded so I’m gonna click on show in folder and now here it shows us the BlueStacks application that we have downloaded and I’m gonna right click on it and I’m gonna click on open or just double click on it.

Then it gives us this pop-up window do you want allow this to make change to your device. Click on yes and we have minimize this window and minimize the browser as well so now it is showing me this BlueStacks window and the Install Now option is here I’m going to click on it and this installed thing might vary a little bit in your MacBook but rest of the process is totally same so it is almost done with extracting files and now it’s installing the engine the BlueStacks Android engine so we just need to wait a little while and I’m gonna hit complete here.

There you go it’s trying to start up this BlueStacks application and it will allow us to install any application through Play Store or outside Play Store and you can see it’s showing us right here starting the engine please wait first boot may take up to two to three minutes depending upon your PC’s performance so we just need to wait a little while and now it shows us this welcome screen and I’m gonna click on let’s go.

Now we’re on the screen and in here you need to type in your gmail account your Google email account and if you don’t have one you can just hit create account and you can create one for free so I will type in my Google account and then click on next and now I will enter the password click on next and there you go click on I agree and now I’m gonna click on start using BlueStacks so we are right now inside BlueStacks and this is an Android emulator and we can install any Android application through this emulator you can install PUBG you can install any game anything Showbox whatever you want you can install anything on your BlueStacks application. Please read also if your Showbox not working.

So if I go into Play Store you can seeit’s showing me King ever let me install Flip Diving which is right here and install and now we can see it’s installing the Flip Diving application on this Android emulator called BlueStacks so it has been installed let me go back to the home screen and there you have the Android application and as simple as that. You can install other Android applications as well.

In case you want to install applications outside Google Play Store the apks then of course you need to go on your browser which is right here there’s the default browser but I would highly recommend to go into your Play Store and first install the Chrome browser or Mozilla or others and then be at ease and install whatever you want so that’s how you can install the Android emulator which is BlueStacks and through BlueStacks you can install any Android application onyour Windows PC and BlueStacks is also available for MacBook so there you go as simple as that.


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