How to Get Call Logs of Android Device with Spy App for Cell Phone

Do you want to monitor phone calls of another person without letting him know? You need a cell phone spy app to do so. The high-tech spy app for android cell phones enables the user to keep track of phone calls of the concerned individual and groups. The app is intended for families and business persons to keep digital activities of their offspring and workforces under surveillance. The monitoring app enables parents to restrict their children from communicating with scoundrels and unwanted contacts in the wrong way. Moreover, the app lets business persons track phone calls of their customer care team. Read on to know how the spy app for cell phone works and tracks phone calls.

Cell Phone Spy App for Android Device

Have you ever heard about a cell phone spy app? If not, you are unaware of powerful technology. The app for android spy enables the end-user to monitor and control a smartphone without having into custody. The main beneficiaries of the app are parents and business persons. They use the app to supervise and manage the digital behavior of their children and working staff. The app lets them know what their concerned one does on their phone. From listening and recording phone calls to retrieving messages, internet browsing history, online chats, media files, and more important stuff, they can control several features of the targeted device.

Phone Call Tracking

Call tracking is one of the most important features of the app. If you track the smartphone of your kid, you can listen to their phone calls. It lets you know what they communicate and with whom. The business owners and managers can also use the app to monitor phone calls of marketing, sales, and customer care representative staff. They can track their calls to make sure they serve potential and current customers appropriately.

How to Track Calls of Android Phone

It is very easy to track phone calls from another person without letting him know. The user is needed to install the app on the mobile phone of the concerned individual or group. The criterion for app installation is very simple. The device must be running Android 5 or above. Once the app is successfully installed on the phone, it starts working secretly. It automatically tracks all phone calls and records them without alerting the target. The app does not require any command or action for call tracking as the process is automatic.

How to Record Phone Calls?

As well as tracking phone calls, the cell phone monitoring app also records phone calls. It automatically records incoming and outgoing calls of the target. The end-user can retrieve recorded calls anytime right from the online portal of the app.

How to Get Call Logs ?

The android tracker app lets you know from whom your target has received the call and to whom the call has been made. It gets access to call logs of android and uploads to the online portal. Like call recording, there is no need to send any command for getting call logs because the process is automatic.

Other Features of Spy App

The surveillance app offers innumerable other features enabling the user to operate the targeted device without possession. We have discussed here a few high-tech features of the app.

Message Tracking

The app creates an online backup of important phone data including messages. It syncs incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. Also, it accesses SMS logs containing detail of every received and sent the message.

Social Media App Monitoring

The monitoring app allows tracking messages and calls received and made via popular social media apps. From Facebook to Instagram, the spy app tracks top-notch social and communication apps. The end-user can retrieve social media chats and call logs right from the online portal.

Instant Messenger Monitoring

The spy app tracks the most commonly used instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Hike, Hangout, and Kik among others. It accesses messages, call logs, and media files exchanged via these messengers.


The spy app for cell phone tracks incoming and outgoing calls of the target without letting him know. It can also record phone calls secretly and offers innumerable other features enabling the user to control the targeted device remotely.


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