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Top 7 Traditional Food and Dishes in Batam, You Must Try!

Batam is a city located in the province of Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia. This city has become a destination for various interests. Not only is it crowded with tourists, but many people also come to Batam for business trips.

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Not only that, when you are on vacation in Batam, you must also try Batam cuisine. For example, Kek Pisang, Bingka Bakar, and many more. Then, there is also Malay food that you can find in Batam.

1. Kek Pisang

Kek Pisang is one of Batam’s foods which is always the target of tourists. You can find Kek Pisang at a shop that sells souvenirs in Batam. Kek Pisang has a variety of toppings, cheese, nuts and chocolate. You can take this cake out of town for your family at home.

2. Bingka Bakar

Bingka Bakar is a Batam food originating from the Malay Kingdom. Bingka-Bakar is also a favourite snack that you can find in Batam.

Similar to Bingka Ambon, the method of processing is by grilling it, so it will produce a very delicious smell. Bakar Bingka has many flavours, there are chocolate, strawberry, sesame, pandan, and cheese.

3. Mie Lendir

Hearing the name, maybe you won’t be in the mood to eat this one noodle. However, make no mistake about the taste.

Mi Lendir is a food made from yellow noodles and white noodles with the addition of bean sprouts, boiled eggs, green chilli pieces, fried onions, and celery.

The thick and brown soup makes this noodle called Mie Lender. The taste of Mi Lendir tends to be sweet when compared to other noodles, while the texture is a little thick because there is a mixture of starch in it.

4. Mie Sagu

Besides Mie Lender, another noodle that you shouldn’t miss is Mi Sagu. Having a chewy texture with large noodle sizes, Mi Sagu is not easy to find outside Batam.

Mi Sagu soup is rich in spices, so you can imagine Mi Sagu has a very delicious smell. This food is usually served with bean sprouts, fish balls, eggs, shrimp, or others. Unlike other noodles, Mi Sagu is served with cold water.

5. Gong-gong

Actually, Gong-gong is the name for seafood that you can find in Batam, Kepulauan Riau with a snail shape measuring about 7 cm.

There are several types of gong-gong, such as gong-gong chicken, gong-gong white thin shell, gong-gong white thick shell, and gong-gong red thick shell.

Cooking this seafood simply by boiling it. The texture of the gong-gong is chewy like a snail, then the legs are sharp enough so the legs are not edible.

6. Tapis

Tapis is the name of seashells of a large size and is cook by fried or boiled. When you visit Batam, you must try Tapis.

Actually, the taste of Tapis is similar to gong-gong, but the difference is that Tapis is served with spicy chilli sauce.

7. Bilis Molen

Snack Batam Bilis Molem is prepare from the fried anchovies. The taste is a mix of sweet and savoury.

Many home industries produce this one snack, so if you want to try Bilis Molen in Batam, it will be very easy to find it. Enjoy Bilis Molen in the morning or in evening while drinking tea and coffee.

The Cuisine in Batam is quite different from other regional foods in Indonesia. Therefore, if you visit Batam, you must try the food recommendations above.

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